June 28, 2015

Baking Day - Farm Girl Vintage

I've always enjoyed baking,
so I'm really excited that it's Baking Day with my
Farm Girl Vintage book.

I enjoyed using some fabrics from Fresh Air
by American Jane,
along with some favorites from Bake Sale
by Lori Holt herself.

{Those teeny spatulas melt my heart!}

This was a really fun and easy block to assemble.

I decided to try the technique shown on this video
to use the backing as the binding for my quilted block.
I did some grid quilting and finished it with a green border.

I have to admit that my mitered corners
did not meet my self-imposed personal standards for excellence.

{There will be no closeups of the corners shown. 
You'll just have to trust me.}

Because this block was so much fun to stitch,
I hope to make some more of these
little Baking Day minis.
I'll probably use my own tutorial for Machine Binding next time.

They would be sweet in any kitchen,
and it would be a great way to commemorate the
100th birthday of Pyrex.

For all of you Pyrex fans out there...
be sure to visit my Pyrex-omania post here and find out
how these bowls ended up in my kitchen.

{Thanks, Mom!}

Stop back soon to see more blocks from Farm Girl Vintage.

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  2. What a beautiful block!! I love your fabrics and your quilting!

  3. Love the fabric print of the spatulas, such Summery colours too.

    Angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me

  4. So pretty! It really makes me want to make some of these blocks.

  5. Love this block. I have some pyrex bowls, too. Found them at a yard sale! Woo hoo?


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