August 10, 2015

Farm Fresh Flower, Egg Basket, Feed and Seed Blocks

Hello, and welcome back!
I'm sharing some more of my Farm Girl Vintage
blocks, made for the super fun sew along!

All of the blocks have been adorable,
but my most favorite ones are those that look like
they could have come from
the traditional quilts that farm wives used to make.

The Farm Fresh Flower block is that kind of block...
it is graphic and simple,
and vintage-style fabrics bring it to life.

The Egg Basket is another old-fashioned block,
and I used some sweet pastels for mine.

Some days I don't have any time for sewing,
but whenever I have just a bit of free time,
I enjoy cutting out my blocks ahead of time.
That way, they come together quickly when it's time to sew.

The Feed and Seed block was a good block to have pre-cut.
There are 41 pieces of fabric in this block!!!

I didn't have much trouble with this block, though.
I just started with the center
and took it one step at a time.

I couldn't resist some navy triangles,
which added some dramatic contrast.
Look how cute the little rows of triangles were!

{Note to self: I love navy with lime green, too.}

I had fun posing the finished block for a few photos.

Do you mind seeing them?

I haven't completely lost my mind...
those are wooden cherries.

That's enough for today...
but come back again for another installment of my
Farm Girl Vintage block series!

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  1. Loving the fabric you are using for your blocks. Good combinations of colors.

  2. Do I mind seeing your postings on finished blocks ? By NO means do I....For me it's more inspiration as I am so far behind on this sewalong. Thanks for the photos and comments!

  3. Your feed and seed block is stunning! The colors are yummy. I love all your fabrics. Nicely done!

  4. These are so cute. I have this book and want to make stuff from it....just don't know when I can! Love what you are doing! How do you like your little boards that you made? Those are on my to do list, too. :-)

  5. I love all of your blocks! And I have almost every fabric you used so I can totally create my own! :) Great pics.


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