August 16, 2015

Haystack, Kettle's On, and Kitchen Window Blocks

Here we go, with some more finished blocks
from the Farm Girl Vintage sew along!

The first one I'm showing today was fun and easy to make:

{I think it's constructed just like the traditional block called Courthouse Steps.}

I chose all my prints with similar values,
but the center block is actually a bit lighter than the others.
I really love those tiny spatulas in that fabric!

The next block in Farm Girl Vintage is called Kettle's On!
I love my tea every morning,
so I looked forward to stitching this pretty block.

It was fun to make a yellow spout and lid,
topped off with a little red knob. I love the aqua kettle, too.

Next up was the block called Kitchen Window.
I've been using navy fabric as a "zinger"
for my blocks, so I used the dark fabric for my window frame.

The fabrics in the "window" glow like it's nighttime.

I'm really having fun blending all my 30's style prints,
to make some fresh new blocks with a vintage vibe.

Be sure to come back soon and often, to see more!
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  1. Your blocks are adorable! Mine are still sitting on the shelf waiting to be stitched together. Thanks for the inspiration to get going again and finish this quilt!

  2. Another beautiful trio of FGV blocks to love! Love your kitchen window fabrics!! And , I can imagine that I am waiting for this sweet tea kettle to sing !

  3. That tea kettle is one of my favorite blocks! I have been living Farm Girl Vintage vicariously through you, Amy. Thanks for keeping us up to date with your blocks. It's a feast for the eyes!

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  5. I just got back from a trip to Utah and got my book and fabrics from an amazing quilt store out there! Can't wait to get started! Hope your having a great summer friend!


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