August 14, 2015

Fresh Pears, Furrows, and Grandma's Quilt Blocks

Here I am again,
with some more of my Farm Girl Vintage blocks,
from the super fun sew along!

I'm using a little of this and a little of that,
but most of my prints are chosen from my 30's repro fabrics.
I love the American Jane line called Fresh Air,
with fresh primary colors.
I find that I like mixing in the pastels from Bake Sale by Lori Holt,
to soften the bright vintage tones.

I had the luxury of several different yellow prints,
so it was super fun to put together the lovely Fresh Pears block.

 The "whole" pear was completed,
with just a few hiccups.
I would highly recommend following the directions
in the book while constructing this block!

The "half" pear is simply yummy,
with its mellow yellow center.
I decided not to add embroidered "seeds" to mine.

The Furrows block was traditional and a bit more simple.
For this block I chose 8 scrappy prints of similar value.

The instructions in the book gave me 8 perfect Flying Geese blocks.
I like them grouped in sets of four, to complete the Furrows block.

My little bird prop enjoyed posing among the furrows.

 The last block I'm sharing today was really fun to make.
I especially enjoyed choosing the fabrics.
That's always the best part.

The part that's NOT the best part is when I make a mistake.

MY Grandma taught me so much about sewing.
She once told me, "You are only as good of a sewer as you are an UN-sewer."
So true!
I fixed up my block in no time,
and this is sew much better!

Hurry back...I've got more blocks to share!
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  1. LOVE your fabrics! CUTE! CUTE! CUTE!

  2. Beautiful FGV blocks with your fabrics and eye, Amy!
    I am also selfishly glad to see that even YOU make some little mistakes once in a while! teehee
    Your pears are picture"pearfect!!"

  3. Sweet blocks:) I will remember your Grandmother's words next time I have to UN-sew, perhaps it will lighten my spirit!

  4. Beautiful blocks Amy! What is the last block called? It looks so pretty on that dish with the "cherries". I just love the pears too. You have picked perfect fabrics!
    Love Susie's play on words, :)
    I am a really good un-sewer, LOL

  5. Another set of lovely block.
    p.s. There are no mistakes just 'test stitching'!!


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