February 7, 2016

First Crush Coffee Cups - Mini Quilt

Do you know my sister Susie,
who blogs over at Susie's Sunroom?
She has a February birthday,
so I made a little mini quilt for her present!

I decided to make a mini quilt
that she could display in her kitchen,
on this sweet little quilt stand.

Susie likes coffee,
so I decided to make up 4 coffee mugs
using the Mug block from Quilty Fun,
by Lori Holt.

{Lori Holt calls them Cocoa Cups, and they're just super cute, no matter what is in them.}

Fabric selection for Susie's gift was really easy...
I chose First Crush by Sweetwater for Moda.
I have lots of fabric left from my layer cake
that I've been using for other projects,

I made up four mug blocks in no time...
which one is your favorite?

The first one is bold and dark, like a good cup of coffee!

Next we have a text print...
so cute to remind someone how special they are.

I think this one is my favorite...
it showed that this gift was made with lots of love.

A mug with hearts can't be beat for Valentine's Day,
or any other day of the year.
Our family name is Love, so red hearts are a "yes, please!"
for the Love girls!

 You can see from the photos that I got a lot of practice 
with free motion stippling.
The print designs are very forgiving.

The stitching shows up very clearly, though,
on the solid gray background and backing.
No pressure...

I must say it was a quick, neat finish.

My present was made in record time!
I nearly gave Susie a "heart" attack,
when my package arrived the day before her birthday!

Next time you need a gift for someone special,
think about a mini quilt!

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  1. That Susie is one lucky sister - your gift is lovely.

  2. Your mini is beautiful. What a great gift idea. Where can the mini quilt stand be purchased?

  3. Susie must be very excited about this sweet little mini. Amy it turned out so cute and I love how you staged the photo!

  4. It is even prettier in person. I am crushing on my First Crush Coffee Mugs mini, for sure!! It's right by my coffee maker, and I smile at my mini all day long.


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