February 19, 2016

Whipping Up A Pretty Pouch

Hello, Friends!
Have you tried the ever-popular free tutorial
This is a favorite go-to pattern of mine,
because these pouches make awesome little presents.

I didn't know whether to be insulted or flattered,
when my son said, 
"Mom, can you whip up one of those pouches that you always make?"

{I decided to be flattered...apparently, I make it look easy.}

It was a Valentine's Day present, 
so I chose some pretty pinks and a gray zipper.

I used the small sized dimensions from the tutorial.
There was still plenty of room for a big Hershey bar.

Once the chocolate is gone,
she can keep some makeup in there,
or whatever else strikes her fancy.
The bottom is boxed,
which gives the pouch great structure.

I was in a big hurry to take some photos,
before the present was given away.
A funny thing happened...
I think this could be my all-time favorite photograph
of something I've made.

{It kind of took my breath away. Do you like it, too?}

Fabrics are from V and Co's Simply Colorful II.
Using a layer cake, you can easily make
a very sweet Open Wide Pouch with only 3 squares
and a bit of fusible interfacing, plus a pretty zipper.

I highly recommend this wonderful Open Wide Pouch tutorial,
and you can see a few more examples of mine here.

Come back soon,
and see what else I "whipped up" for my other son.

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  1. So agree with you! Love the fabrics you used for that pink bag!

  2. LOVE these - great colour and fabric combos :) One of my all-time favourite patterns.

  3. I adore each one! I'm loving all of your fabric choices. Thanks for sharing this tutorial. I have yet to make one of these pretties and have thought about for awhile. I should just do it!

  4. I do love your photography almost as much as I love your style. 💟💟💟

  5. Lovely pouches. Thanks for the encouragement to use that nifty tutorial!
    p.s. yes, I do like it too.

  6. This pink fabric with the gray zipper is really gorgeous in the Open Wide Pouch! It's a perfect match with this pattern and the Simply Colorful II line. Your son has excellent taste in finding beautiful gifts!!

  7. So pretty, your pouches! I love the contrasting zippers and ribbon tie ends. Julie@thecraftyquilter.com


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