February 24, 2016

A First Crush Mug Rug - From A Free Craftsy Pattern

I like to play matchmaker for patterns and fabrics...
I think this time I got it right.

I used a few pieces from my First Crush layer cake
and a free pattern on Craftsy called "That Red Cup."

If you have a few paper-pieced blocks
under your belt, this is a fun project.
I must admit that I had to restitch or two,
until I remembered how it goes.

When I saw that LID, though...
I knew it was worth the small struggles.

I fussy cut the band for the cup.

{What IS that paper thing called, that protects your hands???}

I used some wavy quilting, similar to the stitching
shown on the pattern, but mine is more random.
I think it looks like steam.

How was I going to finish this one off?
Ric rac? Machine binding?

I used kind of a faux binding.
I made the outer border very narrow, almost like a binding.
I just added the backing and left an opening,
then turned it right-side-out and topstitched.

On the back, I made a little "tag" from one of the prints.

This was a Valentine present for my son's girlfriend,
and she loved it.

I bet you'll love it, too, if you try this pattern.
They're popping up on Instagram and Pinterest.
I first noticed this mug rug design
made up a bunch of them last Christmas.
I haven't seen one yet that I didn't love.

Head on over to Craftsy and see what else you can find!

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  1. Every single one I have seen is adorable!

  2. I love this Amy! And you ALWAYS matchmake the perfect fabrics to patterns. Love the steamy quilting too, LOL.


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