March 21, 2013

Aunt Grace Quilt Through the Years

I have a confession to make...
although in recent years I've been creating
mostly modern projects,
I've got a soft spot in my heart for 1930's fabrics
and reproductions.

{You already know how much I adore Dresden Plate quilts, 
if you've seen my Winter Dresden quilt.}

Back in 2003 Marcus Brothers
released a line of Judie Rothermel fabrics
called Aunt Grace Through the Year.
Three prints reflected a theme for each month in the calendar year.

I made this quilt, called Grandma's Collection
as part of a Marcus Brothers challenge in 2003.

{I've never gone to New York City, but my quilt has been there!}

I didn't win any prizes there, but back home,
I collected a couple of ribbons at local quilt shows.

I used every print in the line,
making one machine appliqued Dresden plate for each month.  
The border used square patches, in calendar order.
I hand-quilted the whole thing, in traditional patterns.

I added in solid fabrics in colors that were popular in the 1930's.

{My favorite is "that green" for the border.}

Come with me as we go
Through the Year with Aunt Grace...
starting with January.

There's a cute little skiing bear,
with children playing in the snow and icy blue flowers.

February features conversation hearts and lots of pink and red.

March is the month for shamrocks in emerald green.

Since April often brings Easter,
the prints boast sweet Easter eggs and bunnies.

May flowers are plentiful in these adorable prints.

June brides and weddings are represented in this set.

I think July is fabulous,
with patriotic stripes, flowers and Uncle Sam hats!

August is vacation time for our family...
here are some sandy scenes and beautiful beach umbrellas just for fun.

September means back-to-school,
and these cute prints make it easier to say goodbye to summer.

October glows with vintage Halloween favorites!

November celebrates harvest time with
an adorable scarecrow, acorns and leaves.

December brings Christmas, with beautiful candles
and a classic Santa Claus print.

Did you know that Judie Rothermel
is celebrating 25 Years as a quilt fabric designer?
 in her honor.

I still have a lot of fabric left from this line...
I think I'm going to make a "new" quilt to honor Judie Rothermel
in my own way!

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  1. This quilt is fabulous! I have a soft spot in my heart for 1930s fabrics, too!

  2. At first I thought this was a vintage quilt made by your Aunt Grace. It truly does look authentically vintage. One dresden for each month is a brilliant idea. Beautifully done.

  3. this quilt also! Your quilt has the handmade art it is so yummy to snuggle in too!

  4. This is such an adorable quilt and one that will never go out of style! Each month is so charming, I don't think I could pick a favorite. So glad you hand quilted it!

  5. oh Wow! - I forgot I had some of these fabrics and I cannot remember what I made from them or where it is - probably a gift for someone. Your quilt really looks as though it is a 30's quilt.

  6. Beautiful quilt... and your handwork is so detailed... Great job - know you must be so proud!

  7. Beautiful fabrics and a beautiful quilt!

  8. This is lovely. I have one or two of the Aunt Grace fabrics too-it was a feed sack quilt that got me into quilting, so like you I will always have a soft spot for the style. I'm going to go check out the challenge.

  9. I have never been a fan of dresdan plates or I never thought I was......until now!! Wow, that is one beautiful quilt. I love the vintage fabrics. I would love a quilt like that. I guess I will be looking at dresdan plates in a whole new light now.

  10. Stunning. I particularly like your hand quilting.

  11. A lot of familiar fabrics here Amy, since I too have a piece of most of them :) Love these 30s Dresden plates!! Your hand work is fabulous too!

  12. I love 1930s prints, what's to confess!?! i liked them before I knew what they were called. It's lovely Amy. P.S. tweeted the Christmas along to my followers (9) lol!

  13. love your quilt - its just fabulous :)

  14. This is so beautiful, Amy! I love your story telling with it. And the hand quilting...gorgeous!! I can't wait to see what you do for their next challenge!

  15. Such a lovely quilt-and your stitching is no neat. I think June is my favourite.

  16. Wow, Amy, great hand quilting and fabrics! I love the Christmas prints! Thanks for showing.

  17. I have a soft spot for 1930s fabrics, too. I love how yours are themed by month, but they don't scream holiday each month!

  18. This is so strange. I just took out an old 30's hexie quilt project to add some more rows & have been playing with all these same fabrics last week! Then today I came across your post! Maybe I'll finish this UFO now!

  19. What a wonderful collection! We love working with Judie's fabric too! We have hand quilted for Judie. If you're looking for expert hand quilting & finishing, just call me (410) 867-0665. Georgina, Bellwether Dry Goods

  20. What an amazing quilt! Very beautiful! I have been SLOWLY trying to collect these fabrics, but they are of course hard to find!!! I just recently got into quilting, and though I have 4 young children and don't get to do it as muh as I like I love it and am very drawn to the 30s reproduction fabrics.

    Thanks for sharing!

  21. Ahhh, still searching for these fabrics, if you or anyone who happens to reads this has any they would like to sell, I would love to purchase them!

    Thanks! Sabrina
    garynbrina @ hotmail dot com

  22. It is just about the sweetest quilt I've ever seen Amy! The themed fabrics in each Dresden make it so much fun to look at. I'm with you - having a soft spot for reproduction fabrics.


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