October 1, 2012

Living Color...Turquoise and Lime

What's your favorite color?
I used to hate it when someone asked me that,
because I have multiple personalities whenever it comes to style or color.

Well...I think I have a favorite color!


{What's yours?}

I had to pick a color and style for my little business cards,
and I finally settled on turquoise with polka dots.

{When I built my blog, I stuck with the turquoise theme.}

And the other day, I was playing around with my scraps
and decided to make something with turquoise,
just for me!

Turquoise "goes with" lots of other fresh colors,
and today I'm featuring it with Lime.

{I looked around on Flickr and Pinterest and found some awesome stuff to share!}

Sparkle Mini by Canoe Ridge Creations on Flickr

Diaper bag by SewFunByMonique on Flickr

Aqua Lime Rose Barrette by bakerswifemadeit on Flickr

Vintage dishes by magikquilter on Flickr

Perfectly Perched fabrics from Laurie Wisbrun
from Randi @ I have to say on Flickr

Pillow Talk Pillow by flossyblossy on Flickr

Pyrex Nirvana! from sewlikesue on Flickr

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

From townmouse.typepad.com via Pinterest

From tashahorsley.typepad.com on Pinterest
And here's a preview of coming attractions...
from my scrap sack!

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  1. Very cute business cards and pictures. Curious about your current project, it looks very complicated!

  2. You are such a tease ...... tap-tap-tap (sound of my fingers on the desk) .... can't wait to see the coming attraction. Your business cards are super cool but what is really funny is this blog was posted as I am writing mine on 'turquoise houses'. Sisters-in-colour me thinks.

  3. I think I know what your coming attraction is! :o) Thank you for the color inspiration. It's all gorgeous! I feel that way about pink...but aqua is right up there too!!

  4. Great, how you show us the beautiful color match.
    Really wondering what your project will look like in the end.


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