October 2, 2012

Signature Pillow

If I could sew whatever I wanted to sew, what would I make?
This is my favorite question to ask myself!
So often, I'm making a project for someone or for some reason.

There was the Zakka Style Sew Along...

And there were gifts to be made...

And orders for custom sewing.

All of those are great reasons for sewing, right?
I just LOVE it when someone asks me to make something special, 
just for them! 

{You betcha!}

But, what if I could make something special, just for me?
What if I could sew something
that says "Hi, I'm Amy, and I made that!"
What, exactly, would I choose to make???

{I think I've just solved my identity crisis, while making a pillow!}

The colors are turquoise and lime...

Bits of Paula Prass's Flights of Fancy, Sis Boom's Pretty Please, and Patty Young's Flora and Fauna

the prints include lots of polka dots...

the quilting is modern...

and the textures are smooth, mixed with stitchy and cushy.
When it was done, I knew it was MINE!

Here's how it all came together:
I've been admiring the Lone Starburst
paper pieced block by Six White Horses for quite a while.

{Anna has been so generous, offering a free templates for this awesome block!}

Lone Starburst block by Six White Horses
I've "favorited" a whole bunch of them on Flickr.
Finally, when I saw Cindy's Terrain star, I knew it was time to give it a try!

{I love every version of this block I've ever seen!}

Lone Starburst by Adventures of the Singing Quilter - Cindy

I got busy with my own block...ahem...for a few hours...

and eventually
I finished 8 of the sections, each with 8 pieces of fabric.
Keep the seam ripper close, people!

{It's just a good thing I don't swear on a regular basis, 
because some bad words threatened to pop out more than a few times.  
Mothers: work in private on this block!}

Next I auditioned some borders...and the Ta Dots by Michael Miller
won the beauty contest.

{The runners-up were featured on the back...lime Mints from Paula Prass's Summer Soiree, paired with Sandi Henderson's Farmer's Market print.}

Once my borders were added, I fused the back of my entire block
with Pellon 987F fusible fleece, then added a backing of muslin.  
This gave me a really smooth finish for the pillow top, 
and it was so easy to sew all the straight lines
with my walking foot.

For the back of the pillow,
I used Pellon ShapeFlex 101 fusible interfacing, to add some body
to the quilting cotton.  Perfect!!!
I used a decorative flap to hide the zipper closure.

 {A little peek under there...cool,huh?}

I stitched it all together,
and it was like magic to reveal the finished pillow!

I hope someday that people who know eamylove
will be able to look at what I made and know,
"Amy Made That!"

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  1. AWESOME-LY BEAUTIFUL, Amy! I am so glad you are keeping it for yourself!

    Now, you have inspired me to put that block pattern on my "to do " list!


  2. What a gorgeous pillow. I love the effect that you achieved in the center of the star.

  3. LOL!! I totally felt your pain when discussing the swear words that could possibly come out while working on this block. But it's so beautiful and I'm sure you and I will both do this again! :) As always...BEAUTIFUL work, Amy!!! You sooo inspire me every time I look at your blog.

  4. I always know your things when I see them! I love this pillow from front to back! Really great colors and fabric!

  5. Oh what a beautiful pillow! I'd be right there with you with the swear words... it looks so complicated to make!

  6. They will know Amy Made That by the colours, style and awesome handiwork. I have never tried paper piecing (I have tried English paper piecing though). You have made it look so good I think I may have to venture out of my comfort zone.

  7. Aqua and Lime....one of my all time favourite colour combos. You should be so happy with the result. It is stunning!
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  8. So, now I know how it became. LOVE it. Your work is so precise. Wow.

  9. Wow...I love everything about it. Beautiful work!


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