October 30, 2012

Knitting up a storm

Well, it seems that we've weathered Hurricane Sandy
with only minor inconveniences in our area.
I only wish that were true for everyone,
and my heart aches for those who have suffered losses.

I've been quiet on the blogging front for a few days,
because there hasn't been much time for sewing.
Sometimes when I can't sew, I like to do other crafts,
like knitting.

Once again, my Aunt Ellie is to blame
for getting me started on a new craze...knitting ruffled scarves!

{She really rocks a scarf and I wish I could share a photo of her modeling one!}

Hip Hop

Have you seen this new yarn, called Sashay from Red Heart?
It comes in lots of color blends, named after
various dance styles, like Tango, Ballet, Jive and Salsa.

Photo from Red Heart website

The yarn is like a ribbon that you stretch apart, 
then knit together along one edge, to create a ruffle.
The outer edge has a pretty metallic thread running through it,
and the resulting scarves are soft and glamorous!

Photo from Red Heart website

Solid colors are available, too!

Photo from Red Heart website 
and it was very easy to learn the technique via YouTube.

After a few presidential debates and a hurricane,
I've got six scarves finished!

{Only five are shown here..I've already given one to my mom!} 

I took a couple of them with me to work,
and now I need to make 7 more for my friends!
{I won't be taking any more orders until I see if they are still fun to make!}


 By the time I went back to my local craft store, 
the yarns were almost all sold out!
I was able to find them online at several websites, though.
My local Walmart had a few shades, to get me through, too.


Hopefully my new shipment of yarns will arrive today,
and I can keep going in the evenings.
It's a great project for when your mind is worn out,
but your fingers are looking for something to do.


I'm keeping this peacock one for myself!


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  1. Knitting, too? What beautiful colors! Congratulations on your Washi win!

  2. I saw that pattern. They are very pretty. How did you make out in the storm? We lost electric for a little over 12 hours but thank goodness we are back to normal.

  3. I wondered what this clinking noise was all weekend, and here it was your knitting needles clinking away!

    Very pretty.

  4. Very clever indeed - not just you but your Aunt Ellie too. It is very wise not to take any more orders until you know whether you have had enough of this pattern by the time you've finished making so many. I am not surprised everybody wants them though. I have seen these sell in M&S for quite a lot of money.

  5. I have that tango scarf! A friend made me one last year...it's soooo lovely. I wish I could knit. =)

  6. Ah.....more lovely talents. Beautiful scarves!

  7. Oh my goodness! You knit too?? What DON'T you do? :o) These are all gorgeous! If I ever have time, I will have to try this out. After looking at the video it looks like a lot of fun.


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