November 5, 2012

Box Bag Pouch at Sew Can She

I'm guest posting today!

Have you found the Sew Can She website yet?

I am always on the lookout for a fun project to try,
and with free tutorials, you get to see
how they are constructed.

What fun to find a whole new site
that is positively loaded with great projects to make!

 Circle Zip Earbud Pouch from the Archives at Sew Can She

I was delighted to try out one of the archived tutorials,
and then talk about it on the Sew Can She blog.

{You know I never miss an opportunity to talk about sewing!}

I chose to make this fabulous Box Bag from Truly Myrtle.
I've been meaning to try making a box pouch for quite a while.

{Here's the original version, so cleverly made from an upcycled a merino wool sweater!}

For my version I took a deep breath...
and cut into my fat quarter bundle of Washi
by Rashida Coleman-Hale for Timeless Treasures!

Remember this post about how I won that fabric?

I chose three coordinating fabrics for this pouch,
and I know it won't surprise anyone that
I used the turquoise prints.

Here's my finished box bag,
and you can find out all the details at Sew Can She.

{That turquoise zipper makes me squeal!}

Stop on over to the blog and say hi to me there.
While you're there, sign up for the Sew Can She newsletter,
and you'll see a new tutorial in your mailbox every day!
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  1. Ooo, la, la! I like! :) Beautiful way to use your fabrics!

  2. Yes, that turq zipper makes me squeal too! Excellent bag! You've got skills. I've got to add your blog to my list.

  3. Gorgeous choices for your Box Bag!! How pretty is this!!


  4. The washi fabric box looks great! Thanks for the info.

  5. I'm a little box watcher because I've seen it already - very, very nice. You are one clever lady.

  6. I love your Box Bag. So cute.....which led me over to She Can Sew where I found all kinds of cute things!


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