January 4, 2013

A Little Birdie

Hello to all of you who are members of the
Across The Pond Sew Along!

I'm all atwitter, because I am the newest member!

Allow me to introduce myself...
I'm called Jackie, and I'm a sparrow.

I was recently crafted by my person, Amy,
who normally writes this blog.

{She's letting me take over for today, so I would quit squawking about it!}

My little nest came from Maxine!

My Aunt Susie, of Susie's Sunroom,
The free pattern for the Bird Pin Cushion / Sachet
was designed by Joel Dewberry.
He has created many gorgeous sparrow prints that Amy adores!

Here's Susie's pretty bird...so very tweet!

{Oops...I meant to say "sweet" actually.}

Bird Pin Cushion by Susie of Susie's Sunroom

Our friend The Patchsmith
is always the first to fly with a new project.
This is her first bird...

Bird Pin Cushion by The Patchsmith

and this is the second.

{Maybe by now she's made a whole flock of them!}

Amy's more inclined to let a new idea incubate
for a while before hatching her plan.
She has such a huge stash to pick from
that she felt as free as a bird...
finally she landed on using
fabrics from her Dandelion Girl scraps.

I think I see a resemblance to Amanda's red bird...
we are certainly birds of a feather!

Does that gingham make my butt look big?

Amy had a bird-brained idea to change the way my wings were decorated...
she didn't really feel like embroidering that day.
I have to say she really ruffled my feathers,
but I've grown to love them.

Amy wasn't quite happy with my eyes at first.
She had just winged it and pulled some thread tightly
through the sides of my head.

{Here's the bird's-eye view.}

Then she had a flight of fancy and added some tiny beads...
we are both happier now.

I like perching near the window to watch those crazy outdoor birds.

{I wouldn't think of leaving the nest...at least not in this weather!}

I'm flying over to Flickr now to pose in the ATPSA group!
Maybe I'll find my own true lovebird there!

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  1. Hi Jackie Sparrow (really?????)
    Nest-le down at Amy's for a while - until you have pecked your way through all the bird puns - then fly over the pond to me and join my growing flock. A good looking bird like you will fit in right at home at Patchsmith Palace.

  2. Oh , this is so cute! What a hoo-t! teehee
    Your little California girl is very pretty and I like her individuality!


  3. What a flock of beauties!! Please tweet to Amy that I love her photos!!

  4. Tweet tweet me want to make tweet tweet.

  5. Very cute! Mine is about half way finished ... soon to be tweeting it's own song!

  6. Darling bird and post! My little darling is still "under construction". lol


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