January 11, 2013

New views from Cathedral Windows

I had just a wee bit of time for sewing
a few nights ago...
so I decided to make something small.

It was about time for a new batch 
of Cathedral Windows pincushions,

from this tutorial,
and I really have fun with this method!

{I made these during the summertime!}

In next-to-no-time
I had my new fabrics selected, and the basic ivory squares
were cut, folded and pressed.

For this new batch I chose a few Moda fabrics from Sweetwater,
featuring a Reunion charm pack...

and a few bits of Mama Said Sew yardage.

I developed a deep and lasting affection for the Sweetwater prints while
I was busy making those two zakka sewing kits...
one incorrectly, and one correctly!

The colors look great with charcoal linen,
but a basic ivory Bella solid cotton sets them off nicely, too.

I made one in cherry red and pewter...

another in scarlet and golden yellow...

and a third in charcoal gray and apple green!

{This color combination is really growing on me.}

And then I started REALLY playing around with colors,
seeing what backgrounds look good for photographs...

I totally copied this idea from the blogging genius Deborah

Their little pudgy bottoms..er, I mean backsides...
are so squeezy and cute.

What fun I had setting them up in different dishes...

and in different arrangements!

I think if I had known about pincushions
when I was a little girl,
I would have spent a lot less time with Barbie dolls!

One of these is going out to a very special person...
but watch for others to be listed in my shop on Etsy,

More new arrivals will be added shortly!

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  1. They're lovely! Great job and thanks for the link to the tutorial.

  2. Your pincushions and photos are stunning! How about some photography lessons for me? We could meet halfway....say somewhere in Kansas!!

  3. Aw, they're all so pretty. I have such affection for your little pincushions. :)

  4. They are all so adorable!
    If we had these as little girls, we could've used them as Barbie furniture( ottomans,couches, floor pillows)
    (yes, Those little backsides are adorable!)


  5. I LOOOVVVEE these little pincushions. I printed the pattern off a few months ago when you featured them but I've yet to make one. Your sewing skills are killer! I don't think I'd be so bold as to post them that close up. But you my dear can totally rock it. Love how you are playing around showing them off. I just made a fabric bowl and I can't quit looking at it. I'm so proud of myself. :o)

  6. I saw these in your shop and was drooling over them. I have a serious affection for anything Sweetwater. I just love these. Your workmanship is impeccable.

  7. These are beautiful! I'm beginning to think you can never have too many pincushions!

  8. You have really got these cathedral pin cushions all sewn up - they are perfect. It is lovely to have a little project when we can only spare a short amount of time. Love your work Amy. (I have the numbered fabric too - love it.)


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