January 14, 2013

Getting Purse-onal

One of the best parts about living in Pennsylvania
is going through the changing seasons.

Now that Christmas is over,
I need a purse for the rest of the winter.
I decided to make a new version of my last bag,
this time using the Granite colorway of
Joel Dewberry's Aviary2 fabric line.

{That's right:  I convinced myself that Anita New Tote Bag.}


Living in the Pittsburgh area,
we are partial to Black and Gold.

I've used these same prints for other projects,
and I've never been disappointed with the results.
I hope you don't mind if I reminisce for a while
about some of my past finishes.

I just love this trio of modified wristlets
I made from  the Sweet Pea Totes

And you know how much I favor the Bow Tucks Bags
These two are especially stunning,
in my humble opinion.

This one features that sparrow I have grown to adore.

This one is more graphic, but just as pretty.

Recently I made this little pouch as a gift.
My niece requested one for Christmas, too,
and I was happy to oblige!

I guess I always knew I wanted a purse of my own
from this fabulous fabric line,
and the time was right for me to go crazy with it!
Here's another view of my new tote bag.

I am so happy with the zippered pocket inside,
with the glamorous gray zipper,
to safeguard my wallet.

Opposite, there is a nifty pocket strip,
to organize my other stuff,
but I couldn't get a great photo.

{So instead I'll show how cute that zippered pocket is...INSIDE.}

Now here's where I get REALLY personal...
look at some of the things I made to put inside my tote.

First off,
I had to make a cover for my brand-spanking-new
ASUS Transformer tablet...
which is nothing short of awesome.
I used my own pattern,
I just added a skinny strap for carrying it separately.

{I didn't use linen this time...but I COULD have.}

That little pocket is so nice for holding 
a bit of money and a small notebook,
plus my cleaning cloth, 
for keeping my screen shiny.

Here's how the ereader cover looks on the back,
displaying MORE accessories...

I made a checkbook cover, a business card holder,
and a tissue holder!

Then I needed a sweet pouch to hold the chargers for my
cell phone and tablet.

in size Small.

There is plenty of room for the chargers and more,
because there's a boxed bottom.

OK, here's one more view of all the things I can carry in this tote bag...
including my umbrella and sunglasses.

{And there's still room for a book and a bottle of water!}

I can't wait until springtime, when I know
Anita Bright New Bag for Spring.

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  1. What a remarkable collection of beauty!! Everything looks so perfect! And I love the fabric!

  2. YOU GO GIRL!!! I am totally speechless................ok I have recovered. everything looks absolutely perfect just like the other comment says.Great job!!

  3. I am scared of zippers. DO you have a tutorial? That inner zipper is inspiring!

  4. What a great bag. I love Aviary. I haven't seen it in this color combo before, but I really like it! Good work.

  5. Oh WOW, Amy!! This is BEAUTIFUL!!! And I have to tell you, I'm getting ready to make another tote with some of the same Joel Dewberry in lavendar lattice for my friend. How funny is that? All of your items are BEAUTIFUL!!

  6. Totally gorgeous set!! So cute and customized to the max!!

    (Where's the bag to carry Ginger in?)



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