January 6, 2013

More Sewing Kits...I Can't Stop!

In 2012
we had that little thing going on
called the Zakka Style Sew Along.

It was kind of an online support group
for people who wanted to put some zakka into their lives.
Although I didn't make every project in the book...yet...
it was the highlight of my sewing year,
and I've met so many wonderful people because of zakka!

Is there such a thing as a support group
for people like me,
who just can't get ENOUGH zakka?

I've been making these sewing kits off and on for months,
and I can't seem to stop!

The first one I made was just for the sew along...

And then I made one as a custom order...

and now someone else recently asked for one.

{It's just a good thing my orders are all online, because I jump up and down like an idiot, clapping my hands, whenever someone asks for one.}

I got busy and made two of them this time,
just so that I could keep one for myself.

{Well...that's not exactly how it happened.}

I have some great new fabrics in my major big stash,
and I was all set to cut into them.
But first...I actually decided to cut into some pieces of my
all-time very most favorite line of fabric EVER...
Paris Flea Market by 3 Sisters for Moda.

Image:  The Pattern Basket

Why would I do that?  Because I know that Moda
is run by a bunch of material geniuses who have decided it's time
to release Paris Flea Market all over again!

{Amen, Moda!!!}

I picked out a few of the most delicate ivory prints, 
with just a hint of pink and brown,
pairing them up with some rich mocha linen blended with rayon.

Mmmm...this little sewing kit turned out so delicately lovely.

The best part is making a little patch for the front.
The little bird is the star of this show.

My latest stash purchases were getting jealous,
worrying about how long they would have to stay in the shipping box
before I would have the sense to cut into them.

I pulled out some of my new Sweetwater fabrics,
from Mama Said Sew! and Reunion.
They looked fantastic with some charcoal linen I had on hand.

I was so confident with this sewing kit project by now 
that my sewing machine
practically knew how to stitch it up without any help from me.

I must have fallen asleep at the pedal.
Or something.
Because when I was done, it was indeed fabulous...from the front.

And from the inside.


But...um...after opening it up...
I kinda had to flip it over, so it wouldn't be upside-down...
with that cute little bunting print, which is directional.


So...what would you do?
I just made another one!

{That upside-down one is mine to keep now, as a reminder to be humble,
and to laugh at little accidents that don't hurt anything.  It's just fabric, right?}

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  1. I love your little kits. The elegant one with the brown/paris fabric is my fav... I think. I always think things sewn by others look way better then anything I've sewn. Maybe I see my flaws too easily, not sure. They are beautiful, for sure :)

  2. Wow .. your sewing kits are lovely. I really like the red/linen one. I have the Zakka book too ... made the pencil cases, pot holders and tote bag so far.

  3. At least , if you have to keep the boo-boo, upside- down print, it is a really CUTE fabric ! You can pretend the wind is blowing VERY HARD and making the little flags stand up the wrong way! lol

    All of your sewing kits are very pretty!!


  4. LOL...I like Susie's response to your upside down bunting! That's it, Amy, I am sooo going to have to make myself one of these sewing kits. Yours are so darn cute!!!! I still love the red one. And I'm thrilled about Paris Flee Market!

  5. J so love my beautiful sewing kit. I just love it. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it!


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