February 27, 2013

Czech it out!

There's a theme that keeps coming up in my blog,
involving sew alongs and how they open up new doors.

For me, sew alongs start out
being personal, focusing only on myself.
I want to learn something new, and show it to others.

Pretty soon, I turn my thoughts away from myself
and start to get excited about what someone else
has done with "my" project.

Before I know it,
I'm emailing a new friend and offering
my unsolicited impressions about their awesome results.

That's how I found Vexa of Halabala Style
and many other dear friends during the Zakka Style Sew Along.
Vexa has taken the zakka House Pouch all around the world,
adding her own signature style to each one she creates.

{Here are just a few houses from Vexa's lovely neighborhood!}

Photo from Halabala Style blog

Vexa lives in Czechoslovakia,
and she sent me this AWESOME zakka House Pouch,
just because I loved it beyond belief!

{Thank you, Vexa - you are an angel!}

I'm just going to show you around my new little house,
pointing out a few of the exquisite details.

Come on in through the adorable front door, 
complete with a wreath that jingles and a button doorknob.  

{Aren't the windows cute, trimmed in red?}

Inside the pouch live these magical little gnomes!

The back of the house
is just as pretty as the front!
I love the fabric placements throughout.

{My little old red snowflake mug looks sooooo good with this pouch.}

This tiny reindeer is so graceful and sweet,
prancing on the organza snow!

You know me and my love affair with ric rac!

The detail and workmanship are exquisite.
I really really love this zipper pull a whole bunch!

{It's really a Christmas pouch, but it turned out to be perfect for February, too!}

Vexa confided to me...and now I'm blabbing it to you...
that she was a bit nervous about this house.
Can you believe it?

It is my newest treasure,
made very special by the fact that it came from a faraway friend,
who is as talented as she is generous.

I must collect some colorful scraps now to send to Czechoslovakia.
I'll be back soon with my Christmas in February projects!

{Here's the teaser peek...I'll be back soon with more!}

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  1. Oh this pouch is so beautiful and magical!

    I love the peek... looks so dear!


  2. OMGosh! Your work is just gorgeous...your whole blog is full of prettiness! Lol!

  3. Thank you Amy, I'm overjoyed :-) It really goes so well with your mug!

  4. It's beautiful! My grandma came over from Czechoslovakia when she was 10! I have a little fabric she brought. You totally made my day. I'm your new biggest fan:) I love your post and Czechoslovakia! <3 brandy @ brandylynns.com

  5. Oh, I just love the house! It is just adorable! You'll have fun putting together a little thank you gift for her!


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