February 9, 2013

Love of Learning

Let's take a few minutes to enjoy a cup of tea
or coffee or cocoa
while we talk stitching!

Next month will mark a year since I began
my blog, but I've been sewing and quilting
much longer than one year.

On my blog I have opportunities to share
some things I've sewn recently,
and I like to fold in some "extras" now and then,
featuring projects that were made several years ago!

Today I'm showing a small wall hanging
I made when I took a class from Sue Nickels way back in 2007.
The course lasted two or three days, with the first day or two being spent
learning machine applique from the queen of applique herself.

I would describe Sue's signature style
as bright and energized, featuring saturated tones.
Check out the Beatles Quilt made by Sue and her sister Pat Holly,
and you will see what I mean.

For my class project, I used mostly soft pinks and greens,
pulling prints from my beloved 3 Sisters fabrics
including "Paris Flea Market" - the original release - and "Gingham Rose".

{I was really stretching my boundaries with the darker rose color!}

There were tonal prints, tiny florals, some paisley and even a woven plaid.
The ivory background is hard to see here, but it was a text print,
with subtle cursive writing in a pale tan.

When we learned to quilt the feathers, I was in heaven.  
I still enjoy making that design the most whenever I am machine quilting.

I remember so much of what I learned in the class,
and Sue is one of the best teachers I've ever met...
smart, vibrant, friendly and supportive.

{I bonded with her as soon as she took her shoe off for sewing!}

I chose to use invisible thread
for quilting, so that the texture mimics that of
hand-quilting, without interrupting the fabric design.

This is one of my most loved little quilts I've ever made.
It isn't exactly modern or trendy, but I love it dearly.
I would like to report that my husband chose
a place where my little quilt can be prominently displayed
all year round in our little house...but...not so much.

He lets me bring it out for Valentine's Day, though.

It's such a funny thing...
just the other day I was reading Julie's blog, The Crafty Quilter
and she is beginning a new series about Applique.
She showed the Sue Nickels teaching project 
on her site, and I recognized it instantly.

I'll be checking out Julie's posts
to see what else I can learn in the world of applique!

Thanks for stopping by...come back soon!

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  1. Love the classic fabric & warm colors. A timeless quilt with perfect matching china too. What pattern is the cup & saucer?

    1. The cup and saucer are vintage Fiestaware, given to me by Maxine, a member of the Across the Pond sew along. Aren't they a pretty shade of rose?

  2. It's so beautiful! I love it. I have heard from others that Sue is a great teacher. She came to our guild a year or so ago, but I couldn't go, due to work. I would love to take a class from her. How wonderful. And congrats on your upcoming blogiversary. I began my blog about 3 years ago and am completely shocked at what a difference it has made in my life. Wild.

  3. You have some lovely work there. On Sue's site, she appears to quilt using gloving on two fingers per hand only. Is this what she teaches? Where do you source these little finger gloves?

    1. The easiest way to find the fingertips here in the USA is at the grocery store or someplace they carry dishwashing gloves! In all seriousness, you can just cut off the fingertips and use those. The gripping is just right, and they are surprisingly comfortable.

  4. Stunning quilt. I love everything about it. Thanks for sharing with us.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  5. Your quilt is just gorgeous and lovely! So intricate and feathery!!

  6. That seriously takes my breath away! I love your fabric choices - so soft and feminine. Your tea cup looks really happy there! Thanks for sharing a little of your past with us!

  7. Beautiful !!! I love the colors , so soft and beautiful !

  8. This was so fun to read. What a beautiful project!

  9. Your work is really very pretty!!!


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