June 27, 2013

Polka Dot Cafe Apron - Zakka 2.0 Week #4

What's cookin' at your house?
Here at mine,
I've whipped up a little Polka Dot Cafe apron,

Grab a tall glass of sweet tea,
and get ready for a lot of pictures of my version of
the Polka Dot Cafe Apron.

In my humble opinion,
I used some of the cutest fabrics on earth,
from Lori Holts' Bake Sale for Riley Blake.

I decided to use the same print for the center squares on each block.

I love the way they look with my

{Do you see those tiny little spatulas on the green and blue block?}

Shall we "dish" about my likes and dislikes?
Dislikes are always first...

Okay...I haven't seen this mentioned
in anyone else's posts,
but the cutting instructions say to cut 4 of the 
large squares.

Um...there are 5.  The one in the center
is a different print, but the same size
as the four squares around it.

As much as I have joined in the lament that
this book lacks diagrams,
I found this project's piecing diagram to be very confusing.
The instructions said "Sew
in the order shown...," and referred to the figure,
but there were 5 #1's in the diagram.

{I did figure it out, but only because I'm an experienced sewist.}

The templates...oh, I didn't use those.
I measured them in the book and kind of rounded them up a bit
to the nearest 1/4" figuring I could trim them to size.

{I believe she meant to advise using freezer paper for templates, but it didn't come out and say it like that in the description.  Again, it was confusing.}

When I was finished making my blocks,
I barely had anything to trim off, as shown below.
I did not have 1/4" to spare, to preserve any points!!!

{My 1/4" seam can't be THAT far off!  How on earth did the template users manage, I wonder?}

This is one of those projects that looked like
it was going to be quick and easy,
but it took me almost all day to complete.

Maybe it was just because I kept stopping to look at how cute it was!

This is really a time-saving tip, rather than a "dislike"...
I pressed my binding in the same way as I made the apron ties.  
Rather than attach the binding as described,
I stitched it on "taco-style" in just one step,
enclosing the raw edges.

{How about that darling text print?}

I also added a 1 1/2" sashing between the blocks,
so I didn't have to try to line up all those "missing points" I had.

And now for some more of the "likes"...
the blocks themselves are just sooooo sweet!
I love that they are retro-style and allow the fabrics to shine.

I also like that the patchwork pocket
fit just right onto my plain turquoise tea towel!
What a nice shortcut for me!

My most favorite detail is just about the best "like" ever for me!
The sample has a little piece of fabric tape tucked into the side of the pocket.
I didn't have any decorative tape to coordinate,
so I just made a little fussy cut tab.

Would you like to see it really close up???

{I knew you would!}

Someday, I hope to adjust the measurements
to re-create this adorable little block,
points and all.

{If I figure it out, I promise to share!}

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  1. I'm going to wait and make mine until you share the block sizes....please?!
    Your apron is adorable - I hate cutting off points too.

  2. I just love what you did. I love the fabrics and now I want them. You are bad for me. LOL. I think I'm glad I'm sitting out a lot of these. I'm just going to do the ones I love. I will wait for your tutorial. ;-)

  3. Thanks for your honest and so true opinion. I lost my points and did the freezer paper method :( i wonder if the graphics didnt traslate correctly during the printing part? The dimensions seemed so arbitrary..haha! Idid notice the typo of "4" not "5" and it took me an hour of trying to figure out the patter/piecing order. Glad i wasnt the only one. Oh, and i love your fabric choices and great job!!

  4. oh this is just perfect - I love it! You are right - absolutely darling fabrics! I did note the '5' also, and did not use templates either, but things turned out ok...I'll be posting mine tomorrow!

  5. Amy, Your apron is adorable! That fabric keeps ending up in my shopping cart-one of these days I am going to have to proceed to check out! So-trying to use my stash.I have those bowls also and love them. I loved reading your post and seeing all of the great pictures!

  6. A beautiful job and you've inspired me to go and check out my aqua plains. You're right, there should be rotary cutting instructions in the book.

  7. This is brilliant! I love how you made the "ribbon", great idea. I also love the edge of the pocket, very clever.

  8. Your apron is adorable, such perfect fabrics. The words fabric is gorgeous and I love the little tag you made.

  9. The perfect fabric, just love this!

  10. Great job ... So glad you are all taking the time to figure out the bumps in the road for us !!! It is much appreciated !
    Your vintage bowls are my favorite !! Do you use them ? My girlfriends mother had an original set and never used them and would always warn us not too !!! She passed away last year at 86 and we always say to eachother that Nana is saving them for " good" !

  11. Beautiful apron!! And thank you so much for all the helpful hints. I have to sit this week out too. Just finishing up a swap, but after this week I should be good to join in again. LOVE all your photos and the fabric is just perfect for this project!

  12. You DID use the cutest and most appropriate fabrics for your apron. It makes me want to wear one whether I'm in the kitchen or not! Love your photos!
    Julie @ The Crafty Quilter

  13. YOur apron is darling, I love the "boo boo" accomodations. I hate mismatched points, although I am getting better. What great fabrics, itching to get some myself!! (I always wonder how much people buy? charms, layer, jelly, FQ or yardage?) I feel like I never have enough ; )

  14. GORGEOUS and abolutely spot on with that fabric, Amy!
    I will look at your blog if I ever attempt to make one, for help on the stumbling bumps!

    This is so pretty, you will want to use it AFTER you cook! (Don't mess it up!)
    It looks so cute with your vintage pyrex!!

    Love it to crumbs!!


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