June 7, 2012

Mug Rug Swap - Part 2 - From Amy to Amanda

If you're a regular reader, 
you will have already seen my first post about
the little mug rug swap

{Here's the mug rug Amanda created, just for me!}

Now I'd like to share what I sent to Amanda, 
along with a description of the design process.

Once Amanda and I had agreed to swap mug rugs,
I had a brief moment of panic,
as I realized I didn't have any idea what her
personal tastes are.

Amanda was kind enough to take a quiz for me...
20 questions to discover her preferences for colors,
patterns, and themes.

1.      Bold and Bright, or Soft and Sweet?
2.      Black, White, or Black and White?
3.      Whimsical or Practical?
4.      Classic or Modern?

And so on...
So now I had somewhere to begin!

From the quiz, 
it was clear that Amanda has a love for nature and gardens,
flowers and animals.

I pulled out my Botanika fabric 
by Paula Prass for Michael Miller,
and the fussy cutting began.

I used some bright greens...like this one
from Bijoux by Heather Bailey...
and various Black and White prints, to tie it all together.

Here's the final mug rug...called "Unlock Your Dreams".

And the back...more Bijoux by Heather Bailey,
with a little bee from the Botanika print.

{Hello, little Bee.}

I like to use Pellon 987F fusible fleece 
instead of batting,
to get a flat ready-to-quilt mug rug.
For this one I used parallel lines in many directions.

OK...I loved it...but would Amanda?

{Insecurity entered the scene...}

Maybe it was a bit too bright and wild.  
And there wasn't a single FLOWER on the whole mug rug!

Hmmm...on the quiz, there was a question,
"Wild or tame?"
and she answered, "Ooooooooh...BOTH!"

That gave me an idea...make a Tame one, too!

I knew Amanda loves fresh country prints and blue is her favorite color.
This time I started with some pretty blue prints from
Delilah, Darla, and Sugar Hill,
all by Tanya Whelan for Free Spirit.

{Here's a look at Sugar Hill.}

Between those three lines, I used lots of 
florals, polka dots, stripes, and gingham.

And now for the design decisions...
If you check out my blog header, you will see that I've used
one of my mug rugs for the photo.

I love the simple style of this mug rug...a strip of Tumblers,
and lots of modern straight-line quilting in the background areas.
Simple and sweet.

I knew I would have fun re-creating this design for Amanda's mug rug.
This one came together very quickly!

Lots more straight-line quilting again...

And here's the back...

{Or Side #2, if you prefer...}

I'm especially pleased with my machine binding on these two mug rugs!
I've combined what I've seen in several tutorials,
and these projects gave me a chance to practice my own method.

{Would anybody out there like me to post about how I do my machine binding???}

It was time to package up the mug rugs for the mail...
a long trip from Pennsylvania all the way to Southern England!

There was a bit of room in the little box,
so I said goodbye to a little charm pack
of Gypsy Rose by Fig Tree Quilts for Moda.

{I thought these little prints 
would look very sweet in some of Amanda's future projects.}

Now I happen to know that Amanda has a sewing sister,
just as I do!
I thought if one mug rug seemed more suited 
to her sister than to herself,
she could always give it away.

{Well...let's just say Amanda's sister will need to visit her, 
if she ever wants to use one of these mug rugs. :) }

One last thing:
Little did I know that Amanda would receive her package on the day of the Queen's Jubilee!

{How appropriate this little Crown print turned out to be!}

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  1. Love the Botanika and how you fussy cut it! So pretty.

  2. Great job on both - love the fussy cutting you did!

  3. Read it and weep everybody - they are mine, all mine (evil laugh). I love them both but the "unlock your dreams" is becoming a firm favourite. The Moda charm pack is superb and I am currently working on a little project that uses some of these prints. Thank you Amy - you have also become a firm favourite and how lucky am I?

  4. Hi Amy, a lovely blog, and I love the mug rugs.
    from Karen, in the BYW forum.

  5. What cute mug rugs!!
    Love the birds!
    Wishing you all the best,
    Mary (from BYW 2.0)

  6. Amy,
    Just visiting from BYW 2.0 and I am so glad I did! I will be back to visit some more. I love your mug rugs and quilting pattern. I love your about page, just need a cute pic of you! I use similar tags but am looking into the satin kind!


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