November 23, 2013

Quilty Fun - Courthouse Steps

I'm having more Quilty Fun
than one person ought to be allowed to have!
This week's sew along block is called
Courthouse Steps,
and these are my finished blocks.

A little disclaimer:
I took a whole bunch of pictures of my blocks,
and I want to show them all!

I've given the Quilty Fun book a rave review already,
and this sew along only adds to the long list
of reasons why I love this book so much.

The Courthouse Steps block
is kind of buried deep within the book...
it's just one minor component of a bonus project.

this classic little block is brought out to play
with all of the other blocks that were featured
in the original row quilt.

{It deserves a bigger role, don't you think?}

Once a week, making just a couple
of blocks, is a such a fun way to sew along...
and I really appreciate that fact that there is a
Christmas break included!

I hope you'll think about joining the
if you've got the book!

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  1. These are so much fun! You are right, it deserves to be out front.

  2. I like so much that you post so many pictures, it look so cheerful this block.

  3. Oh how I love your blocks! I cannot WAIT for my book to arrive! Beautiful work, AGAIN, Amy!!!

  4. Really like your fabrics. Beautiful photos, they're perfect! You've convinced me to buy this book!

  5. I am impressed with how you're keeping up with this! And you can never have too many pictures! Love them all!


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