November 9, 2013

Quilty Fun Sew Along - Apples!

What a coincidence that the same theme
was the very first block of the 


{I had fun making this multi-purpose block!}

Not only is the Quilty Fun book filled with great photos,
but it shows every step of the way
for making fun and fabulous quilty projects.

There are lots of great diagrams and drawings.
you know.

lets us use the book to make
a whole new quilt from the same blocks featured in the book!

I wasn't sure I would like my apple core block,
because I wanted to use a pale print,
but my background is white.
I think it turned out just dandy, though,
with the gray print for the inside of the apple.

I'm going to be using lots of prints
from Lori Holt's Bake Sale line for Riley Blake,
but I'll mix in other fun fabrics
from my bright stash, too.

I hope to add a dash of black to each block,
to add some definition and rhythm.
Note the little black stems for the apples.

 This particular block was fun and easy to stitch.
One reason was that I use a cool tool,

This tool eliminates the step
of drawing stitch lines onto
all of those tiny squares!
It's sew easy to use.

{You can even find videos, like this one,
to demonstrate how to use it.}

I'm a little bewildered about joining
yet another sew along with weekly projects,
but one block is sooooo much more doable
than a bag or a quilt in one week.
I'll join in as often as I can with Quilty Fun.

I hope to finish the entire quilt at some point.
It's going to look really cute in my kitchen someday!

I sure hope you'll join along!

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  1. I will be joining in but I'm not sure I can get my apples look as scrumptious as yours!

  2. Those apples are really saying my name. Love it!

  3. Those are just yummy! Well done. Plus I love your pictures. So pretty.

  4. Delightful apple blocks!! Love these fabrics, and the touches of black.
    Can't wait to see your pile of blocks as they grow!!


  5. I'm loving your apple blocks! So bright and cheery. I didn't know that you could only buy the book from Fat Quarter Shop. Good to know!

  6. Oh my goodness!! These blocks are ADORABLE!!!! And thank you so much for the info on the new tool. I've never even heard of that, but I guarantee you I will be purchasing one! That is my least favorite part....drawing all those lines. That will save so much time! I haven't heard of this quilt along, but will have to check it out. I just love your blocks!! :)

  7. Your apple blocks are gorgeous, I agree the little black stems work perfectly!

  8. Well wouldn't you know.....I just ordered the book after seeing all your gorgeous creations!!


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