November 19, 2013

Spring and Summer - Reversible Mug Rug

Do you remember when I showed you
my reversible mug rug,
with one side decorated for Autumn...

and the other side ready for Winter?

Ummm...I bet you also remember that I only
showed one side at a time,
rather than both sides in the same post.
This time I'm going to have mercy...
I'll show both sides today!

Let's get going with Springtime tulips,
featuring yet another block
from the Quilty Fun book by Lori Holt.

I used two of the tulips
without any sashing between them.

I chose some of my favorite Bake Sale prints,
also designed by Lori Holt.
I really love the solid green fabric
for the leaves...very lifelike!

A little bit of quilting around the edges finished
the flowers off sweetly and neatly.

For the Summer side,
I turned to my other go-to designer...

This time I used the Ice Cream Sundae Mug Rug pattern.

Nothing says summertime
like a cold and creamy ice cream sundae, right?

Some fresh fruit tops it all off,
and I really {heart} those red cherries!

My mug rug came out kind of large,
so I added a straw to the sundae...
and now it's more of a SODA!

I live in western Pennsylvania, where a soda has ice cream
and pop, mixed together. 

{Over in eastern PA, where my sister Susie lives,
you don't get any ice cream with your "soda".  It's just plain POP!}


My Cath Kidston mugs look so adorable with both sides,
don't you agree?
I think I'll be making more mug rugs from these designs,
one at a time, some other day...
while I dream of sunny seasons.

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  1. AND HOW did you get that PERFECT binding too?! So adorable!!! Give me the ice cream soda any day!, Cat

  2. well duh, just read your binding tutorial! I have done a very similar technique but the binding started on the front and then folded over to the back. But I think your key is all the steam pressing before you sew the top. Looking forward to trying! Thanks so much!

  3. Love it - both sides. I can't decide which side I like the best. I particularly like the straw addition to your 'soda'!

  4. So charming and beautiful! What a good idea for it to be reversible!

  5. Pretty as usual. I just wonder do you attach those two sides togethere by quilting? I'm just curious :-)

  6. These are both super cute. I love the summer side!

  7. Love these!! Pinned.....of course!

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  9. So pretty and fun and perfect ! Love all of the fabrics you used! I really love that Patchsmith sundae and cherry pattern!
    Just so you know, we call that soda "coke or root beer floats" ...


  10. So much fun! Your appliques are so, so nice! Your much rugs are great on either side.

  11. Thanks for the both sides of the mug rug :)
    I love summer, so that side it's myfavorite. Again, your fabrics combination is a wonder for me, so perfect. I think you have many such charming fabrics in your studio.

  12. Oh Amy!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! Love is in the air!! :)


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