August 27, 2014

Another Double Exposure Zippered Pouch - Lilac Briar Rose

Hello, Friends!
Thanks for all of the humorous comments
You've all made me smile,
guessing how many zippers are in my stash.

{How many do I have? I'm still counting...I hope I'll be finished by Aug. 31 at midnight, 
when the giveaway closes.}

While we're talking zippers,
I'll share the first sample I stitched for my new
I used some of my beloved Briar Rose fabrics for this one.

I had to wait for my latest shipment of Zipit zippers,
before I created this fun double-pocket pouch.
I think the Purple #218 zippers set off that lilac print
to perfection.

Some of you might be interested to know
where I found the lace for my samples.
I've placed several orders from Yozo Craft in China,
and I've been very satisfied with delivery and pricing.
The selection of pretty lace designs is also outstanding!

{I love this particular edging along the colorful zippers. I had to order more yesterday.}

If you've already purchased my new pattern
you might notice that this sample
looks a wee bit different.
It has tabs at the ends of both zippers.

I'm not gonna lie...
I'm not really crazy about all of those tabs
sticking out,
especially when the pouch is folded in half.

For the final version of my pattern,
I inserted zip tabs at the beginning and end
of each zipper before attaching them,
 instead of making tabs that stick out.

{I just like that a lot better.}

Back to the lilac Briar Rose sample...
It was easy to choose these fabrics,
because I had used them for a couple of earlier projects.

You may recall this Noodlehead Divided Basket,
which was my first item made in that
unlikely combination of lilac and gold.

I used the same palette to create my inspiration
I love the little bits of that Jennifer Paganelli
Bell Bottoms print in gold.

It was fun to put the same prints together
and see what came out as I designed
the Double Exposure Zippered Pouch.

I chose to quilt and allover diagonal grid for this pouch.

For the back, I used that golden clover print,
with little blossoms and crickets.
The same grid quilting looked just as nice on the back.

you'll find some sweet strawberries!

As usual, I added my little "eamylove" label
to one of the pouch interiors.

The finished pouch looks pretty,
whether it's lying flat or folded in half.

I have another Double Exposure Zippered Pouch sample
to share in a few days.
I had to test my pattern thoroughly, of course.

{Besides...they are sew much fun to make!}

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  1. It's a delight, full of surprise fabrics, the front, the back, inside. The zipper tabs are so useful, and so assorted with the zipper and lace and all! I love the green-orange one too, it's so romantic!

  2. The purple zippers are perfect and make quite a different effect for this lovely pattern. I can't decide which is my favourite version, I love both of them!

  3. I like your latest combo and the purple zippers especially.

  4. I'm loving this new pouch design. I agree with you about the zipper tabs - they do look much beter inserted.

  5. I really do love this little 2 zip pouch. It has got to be the fabric combo.

  6. So beautiful and lovely, and zipper-licious!

  7. A lovely design Amy - the different fabrics in the two pouches give such different looks to it.

  8. Very cute! A gal can never have too many zipper pouches. :)

  9. A lovely zippered pouch design, and the fabrics you have used look gorgeous.
    Happy weekend.
    Helen x

  10. Amy!! I can't believe I've missed so many blog posts!! For whatever reason, I'm not getting the email notification. So....I was wondering if you had any updates, and just came to check on your. Holy moly you've been busy!!! I just purchased your pattern. I can't wait to get started on it!!


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