August 4, 2014

Addicted to Hexies!

For a long time 
I've been staring at all of the gorgeous 
hexagon photos
I can find on the internet.
I search for them on Flickr and on Pinterest.

{I've got an entire Pinterest board called Hexagons.}

Pincushion by Fabadashery 
I keep telling myself that I'm going to make 
some hexies of my own.
It has finally happened!!!

I printed out a bunch of paper templates

There are plenty of free templates out there.
I found one somewhere...but I accidentally printed it as 
"Fit to Printable Area", so it was a wee bit smaller than 1".

But guess what?
That size was PERFECT for my Moda mini charm pack of Glamping!

{Thank you, Bev, for including the mini charm pack in my swap gift!}

Hmmm...check out those teeny hexies on the skinny pinnie!
The 1" measurement refers to the length of one side.
The entire hexie is 2" across, in my example.

Even when I printed out new templates,
sized exactly 1" on each side,
I was able to use a mini charm 2 1/2" square.
I came upon this tutorial at Sometimes Crafter,
illustrating that you really don't even have to cut
the fabric into a hexagon shape at all!
Just line up two edges of the paper template
with two opposite sides of the square.

{Visit the post, and you'll see more photos of the process.}

Photo from Sometimes Crafter blog
TIP: If you are making a large project,
print out all of your templates from a single source.
There are minor variations from one to another, 
even if you do print them using the "None" option
for Page Scaling.

I keep the little hexies in my lovely pouch
that I received from another lovely swap package,
made by Gabrielle.

{There's room for many more in there, and it's a perfect showcase.}

I showed these to my mom, sister and niece.
We couldn't keep our fingers off of them!
We made a flower...

and then another one.

Mom said they remind her of poker chips.
No wonder I find them addicting!

Wouldn't it be fun to use them on a quilting retreat
as "chips" for playing poker???
Bigger hexies could be worth more, etc.
You could keep the ones you win!

Come back soon and find out what I'm going to make 
with these lovely little hexies!

Yep - I'm officially addicted to hexies.

{Are you?}
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  1. You bet I am! I started out of curiosity and now I know why everyone's making hexies: the are so fun to make and they look beautiful! Love yours!

  2. Beautiful hexies and fabric selection. I have not tried them yet, can't wait to see what you make

  3. They are beautiful so I can see why you are addicted!! xx

  4. Well Amy, these are certainly precious! Love the fabric choices. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  5. They are lovely. Do you press them before storing them?

    1. Yes, I press them with a hot dry iron before storing them. They really hold their shape well, even after taking the papers out, if I iron them that way.

  6. Amy, your hexies are so cute.. I just ordered some Mini Charm Packs from Kimberly at Fat Quarter Shop, so I will be making some also, I am making a fabric roll to hold all my supplies, I saw it on a blog from the UK, will send photo when done. Isn't it funny that when sewers decide to make something that have to make another thing to hold all the goodies?....

  7. Hexies are my all time favorite / quilting project ! Do you badge or glue to the templates ?

    1. I don't use any glue or stitch the fabric to the papers...I use the method described by Bee In My Bonnet, and the papers can be easily removed and used over again.

  8. I'd play poker with you!! These are great!! I have plans to make more, and I guess I should just keep on making them, to have them ready to go for swap items... My next 2 swap pouches are going to have hexies on them. (I, too, have a Pinterest board! They are so cute!!! Hexies on EVERYTHING!!!)


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