September 19, 2013

More Zippy Pouches and A Pretty Package

I'm still having fun with this month's
I just LOVE that tutorial for the
Easy Zippy Pouch, from Dog Under My Desk!

Do you remember the first one I made?

I couldn't stop at making just one of these pouches.
It was too much fun to choose fabrics and zippers!

Here's a sharp little number using red, black and white fabrics,
with a splashy red zipper.
The outer print is Zen Blossoms from Michael Miller.

Inside is a Half Moon Modern print by Moda.

I love the little mini lobster clasp.
You could clip this pouch to a key ring or a backpack.

I had an irresistible craving to make a pouch
that used a tangy orange zipper...
I chose two coordinates from Joel Dewberry's Heirloom line.


I really love the soft turquoise and maize tones,
contrasting with the brighter orange.

How about those diamond quilted designs?
They were surprisingly easy to execute,

using masking tape to guide my stitching.

It just so happens that
my son needed a special gift-wrap
for a certain special young lady's birthday present.
I offered to jazz up the jewelry box.

{Before...a pretty embossed lid, but kind of plain.}

{After...much more interesting!}

I used a tutorial by A Spoonful of Sugar blog
adding just a bit more batting in the lid.
I wanted to cover the base as well,
but the fit was too tight after I decorated the lid!

This box just called out for a matching zippy pouch,
don't you agree?

I used random chevrons, stitched vertically,
for the quilting on this one.
The fabric on the exterior is Simply Color
by V and Co. for Moda.

Inside is another one of my favorites...
Cufflinks in Turquoise from Summer Soiree
by Paula Prass.

So fresh and pretty - just right for the lovely young lady!

Keep an eye open for some of these zippy pouches to appear
in my shop on Etsy, eamylove!

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  1. These little purses are so handy!! Great job on the gift box - bet your sons friend was very impressed!!

  2. I love the handy zippy pouches and what a pretty gift! There are even heart-shaped leaves in the fabric design!

  3. Your little bags are great and I love the gift box. Thanks for sharing.

  4. The zippy pouches are gorgeous, with their delicate quilting! I really was taken by the orange and turquoise colors!
    The gift box is as sweet as the gift in it!


  5. Lots of eye candy today :-) Great stuff!

  6. Ohhh, I love your little bags, so cute, especially the orange one. I love me some orange. The Simply Color is my fav, I love that pattern. And your little box is so adorable, who wouldn't love to receive that even if it was empty. :o)

  7. You have outdone yourself!! I know I say that all the time but really, it's just perfection and the tangy orange? Delicious! Love it. and that box lid is pretty crafty it looks great, I think I have that necklace ; ) Just lovely!

  8. BEAUTIFUL!!!! I dearly love them!! And that gift box is gorgeous! I'm getting ready to make my zipper pouch now. Thank you for the inspiration, as always, Amy!! xoxo

  9. I love those zippy pouches and thanks for including the link. I can totally see doing some of them and in fact, I would want to try constructing them on my new serger once the piping foot I ordered arrives.

    These are lovely as is the pretty covered box you made. Gorgeous quilting stitch on your machine.

  10. Love the zippy pouches and how neatly you made them! The little box covered with fabric is cute too....perfect for a gift!
    Helen x

  11. Oh my...what fantabulous pouches! Your fabric combos are wonderful. That young lady must be special to receive such a great gift!

  12. Hi Amy! LOVE these bags!!! What a great idea to coordinate the box and little zippy bag. Your blog is adorable and I can't wait to see more. P.S. Where did you get the Susan Branch fabrric????? I want (need) some :)

  13. Those are all so adorable! Good zip colors and good, good fabric choices!!

  14. Love the chevron stiching and colors!


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