June 5, 2012

Mug Rug Swap - Part 1 - From Amanda to Amy

I've taken a couple of weeks off from the Zakka Style Sew Along...

{But don't worry!
I plan to jump back in later this week.}

I've enjoyed the Sew Along so much,
in part because I've met some new sewing friends
from all over the world.

We comment on one another's projects on blogs or Flickr accounts.

Because of the Zakka Cloud Mug Rug,
I engaged in a mug rug swap with
Go on over to her fabulous blog and say hi for me!

{Just LOOK at what she's done with her Stem Messenger Bag!!!}

Amanda lives in England,
in a little village that she says is as lovely as it sounds.

{I'm picturing cottages and hedges, little shops and Jane Austen...}

{Pinterest photo}

Amanda went to work, stitching up a little gem that combines,
as she puts it, a little bit of herself,
a little bit of me, and
a little bit of Southern England.

Follow along, as I unwrap my package...

{LOOK!  I received something from the ROYAL MAIL!}

Already I love the British wrapping paper,
with Union Jack hearts, and lots of polka dots!

First off, let's look at the mug rug!


There's a note inside explaining the design process...
the little flowers and the blackbird
reflect the sights of the season in England.

{Notice all the little pieces in the background, too!}

The butterfly is the rare and beautiful
Adonis Blue,
native to Southern England!

Look at all the pretty handstitched details,
and the little caption...


Hmmm...what else has come along for the long ride across the pond?

I may have confessed my fascination for Cath Kidston.
Up until now, though, I've only ever seen the catalog.
Now I've got a pretty cosmetic bag!

{Just look at that little zipper pull...awesome!}

As if all this were not already making me squeal,
in her lovely card, Amanda mentioned that she'd also enclosed
some muffin cases to commemorate
the Diamond Jubilee!

{What's that, peeking out from the polka dots?}

Oh, how could she have guessed how much I love these cupcake papers?

{I have great plans for these charming little sweeties!}

I want to thank Amanda properly 
for all the thought and time and creativity
she put into our trade.

I really appreciate these tokens of friendship
and will always cherish them!
They are exquisite!

{And now, it's time for me, and time for tea!}

{Join me again in a few days, and I'll show you what I sent to Amanda!}

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  1. Your swap is lovely and your new friend has a wonderful blog...hoping to make her a bloggy friend, too!

  2. My village does not quite look like that however, I am sure Jane Austin is a member of my sewing group! I really enjoyed making the mug rug for you - it was my first swap and you made the process so much fun. As for Cath Kidston - I picked a little pouch which could be used for many things. I am so glad you like the little items. But more than all of this I am so very pleased to have you as a friend from across the pond.

  3. This is awesome, I'm new the quilting, sewing, etccc. I don't have a blog but I so enjoy reading everyone elses. I think I need to participate in one of these mug rug swaps...


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