March 6, 2013

Mission Accomplished - A Charm Square Scarf

I described the March project for the
Across The Pond Sew Along,
the Charm Square Scarf,
selected by Amanda The Patchsmith.

Amanda's and Lea's beautiful scarves in the forest via The Patchsmith blog
The original tutorial can be found on Moda Bake Shop,
as presented by Trish of notes of sincerity.

Here's my finished Glace Charm Square Scarf!

And here's how I made it...

I started with 34 of my favorite charm squares,
half of which were mostly green.
I paired each green square with another color.

{I had a piece of green tone on tone Glace
that was long enough to use for the backing,
so green was my main color feature.}

Here they are, all lined up.

And here they are after chain-stitching
all the pairs together.

I pressed each pair toward the green square.

Then I arranged them in an order that I liked
and stitched all the pairs into a really long strip.

As I said, my backing was super long,
leftover from my Winter quilt.
I decided to cut the scarf backing about 8" longer
than the scarf front, which gave me a pretty finish
at each of the shorter ends, about 1 1/2" wide.

{That's my favorite detail on this scarf.}

The fun part is figuring out how to wear it.
I like it folded in half and looped through.

{I put the square with that beautiful bird in that spot on purpose.}

Or tied with a single knot...
but I'm barely tall enough for that one.

I had to stand on a bench to take pictures
of myself wearing my new scarf!

{How do you like my bathroom mirror shots?I'm copying off of the kids and their Facebook profiles.Hmmm...guess I'll have to upload this one to my Facebook page,just to be cool.}

And just so you know I'm not kidding,
here's an uncut version,
complete with bathroom sink, lotion and toothpaste.

{Aren't you glad I know how to crop?}

To be honest,
I really wish I had gone with my instinct
and made my scarf about half as wide,
the way Susie did for hers on Susie's Sunroom.
I really love the skinny look!

{Susie's my sister...she has ALWAYS been taller and skinnier than me,
so it's only right that she pulled off the skinny scarf!}

Susie's skinny scarf via Susie's Sunroom blog

Nice bathroom photography, sis!

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  1. Your mirror shots are pretty, too!
    And your scarf is gorgeous! It will be nice to have that width for some warmth in colder weather.
    I love how you added the green back fabric to the ends, to finish it off nicely.

    (I may be taller than you, but you were always the blond ! lol )


  2. I seen this project on your sister's blog. I think it is a great little project. My friend and I are looking for projects to do with my daughter (10 yrs) during school breaks. This one is prefect. We can set up all three machines and do it at the same time.

  3. Thanks for the heads up about trying it on... I am not tall. Lol


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