March 9, 2013

Copenhagen Pillow Crochet Along

Not too long ago,
I came across a blog called

I found all kinds of delightful
projects, tutorials and information there.
I think that's how I learned to add my signature to my posts.

Karen is one busy girl, and I like to see what she's up to.
She has joined in a Crochet Along,
hosted by

and her sister

The free pattern they featured is for
designed for Red Heart yarns by Yvonne Eijkenduijn.

{I cut and pasted her name.  She must be a good speller.}

Image from Red Heart
I know, I know, I know...
I barely even know how to crochet,
and I'm already working extra hours at my "real" job
and taking part in lots of other sew alongs!

But THIS...was...irresistible to me...
because I had actually already made my crocheted block
before I ever even knew about the sew along!

I checked with the crochet-along hosts,
and they are the best!  
They said it was fine to join in, even though I had a jump-start.

I used the recommended yarn,
choosing similar colors those featured in the pattern.

I added some brown, so the pillow will match our couch.

I showed the crocheted pillow block to my mom,
and somehow or another, I coaxed her into
pulling all of those loose tails through and clipping them away.


{What an awesome mom I have!!!}

Now I just need to stitch the crocheted block to my background 
and finish off the pillow backing. 

I happen to have the perfect fabric,
and I will use my very own free tutorial for a

Back of my Signature Pillow

So now you have three new blogs to check out!
Enjoy, and stop back soon!

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  1. Gorgeous, Amy! And I have to say first hand that I love your pillow cover tutorial. I can't wait to make another one!

  2. A good job by someone who 'barely even knows how to crochet'!!

  3. Wow and your crochet is as beautiful as I knew it would be! Lol nice to have your mum help out with all those horrid tails. I am not looking forward to that at all!

  4. Hi Amy, your cushion is looking gorgeous already, I look forward to seeing how you finish it, Wendy

  5. Very nice - you are a very productive young lady. But I do think it is a bit mean of you to make your mother do all the sewing-in. I hope you are paying her!!!

  6. Boy, am I ever glad that Mom will do those tails..... or else you might've asked ME to do them! Haha This is very beautiful! I will have to learn to crochet some time.


  7. Oh no!! More temptation ;)) Love your crochet cushion :) You did a fabulous job for someone who doesn't know how to crochet much. Soon you'll be hooked. Now to go check out those blogs ;))

  8. I just started crocheting as well! I was super stressed and antsy one morning so I decided to pop over to youtube to watch granny square videos, and to Michael's (the craft store we have here) to buy sooooo many skeins of yarn! I'll have to check out this crochet-a-long even though it's probably over. Thank you for sharing!


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