March 7, 2013

My First Blogiversary!

This month marks my 1st blogiversary,
and to celebrate,
I'm joining the Beat the Winter Blues

{There's about to be a giveaway...stop by again between March 8 - 14!}

Whether you've come here to see my blog before,
or are a newcomer via Quilting Gallery
Blog Hop Party,
I hope you'll linger and come back often.

I'm going to take this opportunity to share one
photo from each month
of the past year.

My first post ever was a description
of why I love sewing and featured
a camera bag I made for my sister,
who soon started her own blog at Susie's Sunroom!

April marked the beginning of the Zakka Style Sew Along,
which featured heavily in my blog over the six months
we sewed along.

{That event was a life-changer for me, introducing me to many new friends and their talents!}

In May I made this lovely pencil case for the Zakka Style Sew Along.

{It's still available for sale in my shop on Etsy...eamylove.}

In June I shared photos of the mug rugs
that Amanda and I swapped,
and since then, we have both become addicted
to making mug rugs.

{I can prove it...keep on reading!}

July brought gardens bursting with fresh zucchini,
so I shared my favorite zucchini bread recipe,
along with photos of my zakka bread basket!

August was a landmark month for my friend and sister-in-blog
Amanda, the Patchsmith.
Now that she knows what mug rugs are,
she has not stopped designing new ones,
and they are all available for sale on Craftsy.

Here's my own version of her Scotty Dog Mug Rug.

In September the Zakka Style Sew Along came to a close,
with the final project being nesting boxes.

October featured another favorite recipe of mine,
which has been a star on Pinterest...

I love making casseroles,
almost as much as making Aunt Ellie's Casserole Carriers!

In November, Susie's Sunroom,
The Patchsmith, and my blog
launched the Across The Pond Sew Along.

Each month we choose a theme or pattern to sew and share...
no prizes, but no pressure, either!

Feel free to join us at any time, and share your projects in the Flickr group.

In December I shared a personal accomplishment...
completing my Winter Dresden quilt in time for Christmas.
All year long, I featured updates, and here is the finished quilt.

I took some time to indulge myself in January,
and I made a bunch of Cathedral Window pincushions,
just because I adore them.

And I really {heart} the month of February...
I made a whole bunch of pretty projects 
in pinks and reds from one stack of fabric.

I hope you'll take some time to go and see what else I made!

Here was my Valentine Mug Rug...

Stop by again tomorrow, when I'll announce my giveaway prize!!!
As always, I'm so glad you've stopped by my blog.

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  1. Congrats on a year! That's always exciting. =)

  2. Happy Blog Birthday!! I'm so glad you started. You've been a great inspiration to me!

  3. A year!? Just a year? Well, CONGRATULATIONS!! You've done great, and you've really inspired me! I loved the Anita new totes and accessories you made with the Joel Dewberry a few weeks (months?) ago! LOVE YOUR PROJECTS!

  4. WoHOOOO Amy - CONGRATULATIONS on a full year! I always like to see what's cooking on your end of the world and can't wait for more inspiration. I LOVE your cathedral window pin cushions and every time I see something that you've made from Zakka I think I need to crack my book open and start making something. Especially the bag from above. GREAT job!! Here's to year #2

  5. Congratulations and so glad to have found your blog ! Such BEAUTIFUL items !! Love them all! Here's to many more blog years!


  6. A very productive and successful year. You completed so many beautiful projects.

  7. A brilliant year for new beginnings - am so glad it all happened exactly as it did. Love your blog style and your awesome talent and it is all thanks to that initial (slightly scarey) step you took a year ago when you decided to share both with us. Happy first blogiversary - the first of many I hope. xxx

  8. Congratulations Amy! I love seeing your monthly highlights. You have really accomplished a lot in one year. I must have joined your blog post-Zakka, so now I see we have another thing in common! I have the book and I've been holding off on making something til now. I love your baskets especially. Cheers to you!

  9. Happy Blogiversary, Amy! Everything you make is so pretty... I love stopping by to see your latest projects.

  10. Congrats on your anniversary!! Thanks for sharing your projects in a looking back post!

  11. Oh so you are part of the Across the Pond crew. I love Amanda s talent too. You have achieved so much in one year.

  12. Like your one year old blog! I just find you and like your work very much! Happy sewing!

  13. Wow, I really ENJOYED reading about your year of blogging, and seeing a photo from each month! Thanks for taking the time to do that - I am a new follower with GFC!

  14. Hard to believe it's only one year blogiversary for you. You are so accomplished with your sewing! ;-)


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