September 10, 2013

Chevron Pillow Wedding Present

My husband's favorite cousin, Janet, got married last month.
We all know she's the favorite,
because she always announces it.

{She's also the favorite sister, aunt, daughter, etc.}

Janet's personality called for a  one-of-a-kind gift
with a personal touch.
and I found the perfect label, ready for customizing.

You see, there's a family "thing" about chalkboards.
When my husband and his cousins were kids,
their grandma had a huge chalkboard in the basement.
All the kids had fun writing messages 
and drawing pictures every Sunday,
when they met for dinner.

I love the way this label reminded me of a chalkboard.

I chose to use golden yellow chevrons for the pillow fabric.
The texture is awesome...slightly slubby,
and yet smooth, because I stabilized it with
some Pellon ShapeFlex SF101 fusible interfacing.

I think it looks quite professional!

For the back, I turned to my tried and true tutorial

The zipper flap is a pretty Graphite Grey leaf print
from Simply Color by V and Co. for Moda.

Doesn't my little label look pretty on it?

{This way George and Janet know I made it, just for them!}

The pillow is overstuffed with a pillow form
that was about 1" larger than the finished pillow.

I hope the happy couple will enjoy a fresh new pillow in their home.

I really love making these pillows as special gifts,
using meaningful labels from SweetwaterScrapbook on Etsy.
Here's the first one I made for another favorite family couple,
on their 60th anniversary.

Stop by again soon to see another personalized pillow present!

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  1. This is gorgeous, Amy! It looks so fresh, plus the personalized touch is perfect.

  2. I am writing "Beautiful" on your chalkboard for your gifts! Personalizing it made it so special!


  3. That is so neat! I love the chalkboard story and the way you were able to carry it into their gift.

  4. Love the labels, so personal and meaningful, all of them. And I love yellow! Totally professional although my overstuffed pillow looks "FAT" not full and overstuffed like yours! LOL. How do you get your corners in the right spot?

  5. I love the labels, they are wonderfully decorative, and it is so special to personalise your lovely cushions with them. Love the chalkboard story and the way you incorporated it!
    Helen x

  6. I'm in love with your label and pillows. The yellow chevron is very nice. It does look professional.
    Gmama Jane

  7. I'm in love with your label and pillows. The yellow chevron is very nice. It does look professional.
    Gmama Jane


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