September 1, 2013

The Keys to Success

Here in the USA, September means
"back to school," even though lots of classes
have already begun in late August.

I wonder if The Patchsmith had school
on her mind when she chose this month's
project for the Across The Pond Sew Along.
After all, education is the key to success.

Amanda has assigned us the topic called
Here's just one of the fun projects she has made,
to encourage and tempt us to join in the fun...
a bright little pouch for earbuds!

Photo by The Patchsmith
As if that didn't take her to the head of the class,
Amanda has made an equally smart
zip-pouch key-ring from a different tutorial,
and you can discover the source in The Patchsmith's latest post.

Not to be outsmarted,
I've been researching ideas of my own,
as I look for inspiration to make my key fobs and rings.

This awesome Ruffle Zipper Pouch

with Geometric Stitching gets an A+ in my gradebook!
The tutorial for this classy number comes from 
the blog called See Kate Sew,
as does the photo shown.

There are many instructive tutorials out there,
including this one from the fabulous Noodlehead blog,
called Lil Cutie Pouches.

Photo from Noodlehead blog
It's really fun to use a bit of hardware
like lobster clips, zippers, and D-rings to add a touch of class.

{These D's are perfectly acceptable for any student.}

Once you've mastered zipper installation,
you can graduate to many other types of pouches and bags,
so sign yourself up for some sewing time.

When you've finished your project,
be sure to show and tell in the Flickr Group for
the Across The Pond Sew Along.

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  1. These are such cute projects! I love Amanda's two pouch projects , and never saw that Ruffle Zip pouch before!


  2. Aren't they fun? And they are so quick and easy. I thought zips were complicated - how wrong could I be (should've known that by your super-easy zipped cushion back tutorial). I love the little ruffle pouch - gonna have to try that one out.

  3. I'm adding some to my list :-) Those little ones are so cute.

  4. Oh wow...I love this idea! And I'm pretty sure I will be able to get a couple of these little yummies done this month! :)

  5. Love these little project - great little gifts!

  6. I love cute and quick projects! Maybe I can finally get my frequent shopper cards in one place!
    Julie @ The Crafty Quilter


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