September 6, 2013

Get Ready for the Pin It Blog Hop!

I love pincushions, and I can prove it!

I've made approximately one bazillion
Cathedral Window Pincushions.
I use this fantastic tutorial from My Go-Go Life.

{This was the first one I ever made, featuring Sherbet Pips puppies.}

More Cathedral Windows pincushions followed...
I showed pictures in this post...

and more in this post,
about the La Petite Ecole series.

I've made other styles of pincushions, too.
Here's one of my personal Pinnies,
made using a pattern from Details by Des...

Remember my Zakka Style pincushions?
There were some with sewing kits...

and some all by themselves.

I even have a Blurb photo book
about some of the pincushions I've made.

You can make your own Blurb book about...anything!

Save 15% until Sept. 9, 2013 with code TAKE15.

I rest my case...I really love pincushions!
That's why I joined the Pin It Pincushion Blog Hop
over at Sew We Quilt.

Beginning September 10, 
check out these bloggers every day to find
new pin-spiration!

{I'm scheduled for the last day. Special thanks to Kristen at Meadowbrook for cheering us on!}

September 10

September 16
I've got half a bazillion brand-new,
never-been-shown-before pincushions to share.
Stop back and see them on September 17!
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  1. Cool! I'm yet to make mine but I sure look forward the hop.

  2. I can't wait to see what you bring to the pin cushion world!!

  3. See here, you are stirring up my addictions yet another time, as I look enviously at all of your gorgeous pincushions! Naughty girl!
    Can't wait to see your newest pincushions!


  4. So beautiful pincushions here! Love them all! I'm on a mission to find the perfect one I'd like to make 6 of for Christmas gifts so loved your post!!

  5. wow!! I'm overwhelmed!!! I'll to write those down or I'll forget which ones I want to make, they look perfect more scraps! Such a busy bee you are!! : )


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