June 14, 2012

Blogging My Way

This blog of mine is still very new
and just beginning to grow.

{I have dreams for it, the same way I have dreams for my children.}

I want it to be the best blog it can be.
That's why I've joined Holly Becker of Decor8 
for a very special e-course called

For this week's homework assignment,
we've been asked to update and improve
our "About Me" pages for our blogs.

And there's supposed to be a nice photo of ourselves on it.

{OK...hmmm...I had to color my hair first!}

I asked both of my sons to help me with this assignment, 
and they very kindly complied. 
Each of them took a bunch of photos of me.

Well, let me just say,
I do not really resemble myself at all,
between what I see backwards
in the mirror,
and what I see in my own mind's eye!

{I scared myself when I saw my computer monitor!}

I'm not going to point out the flaws for you...
 but let's just say I'm going to be eating
a lot of these this summer!

{Hint:  there was a whole lot of cropping going on!}

I didn't have a lot of good stuff to pick from, but here are a couple of shots that I can bear to post, but didn't choose for the final.

Here I am with our little dog...

{my only girl baby}

And I liked this one...

{Sort of}

{Kinda looks better with Polaroid effects,
dontcha think?}

This one wasn't too bad either.

{It's the one that I think looks most like me.}

All it took was a little thing called Picasa,
to soften me up and 
add a vignette effect.

{I wish I could have special effects available in real life all the time!}

So now I've done my homework for this week!

Feel free to head on over to read a little bit more
"About Me" if you haven't already
met me!
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  1. So nice to 'meet' you and I really, really like your haircut! You've inspired me to cut my bangs again, except my hair would probably never have the lift that yours does. Hmm, but yours looks baby fine like mine... may I be nosy and ask what kind of styling product you use? Thanks!

  2. Such lovely pictures Amy! I'm the same when I need a photo taken of me, let's just say I think about those salads too... So nice to put a face to your name, and I agree with the first commenter - your hairstyle & color is gorgeous!

  3. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving your kind comment. I am enjoying getting to know you through your blog and happy to be going on the "Blogging Your Way" journey with you!

  4. Lovely pictures -- all of them! It's nice to put a face to the blog. Best wishes on your course!

  5. Your pictures are great - especially the one you chose. It looks kind of "dreamy"! It is interesting to hear that this is the first thing that you were given for homework. I hope that you will share some more with us as you have more homework. It looks as though you and I started blogging about the same time which is when the Zakka Style Sew along started. Is that right? Good luck!
    Linda F.

  6. How fun that you are doing this!! I just can't seem to post a picture of myself. Maybe if I could totally "photoshop" it, I would!! You look lovely! I enjoy your blog!!

  7. I think I am loosing my marbles, Amy! I thought I had left a comment when I read this post the other day. But I see that I really didn't. Holy smokes! You are lovely! And your blog is beautiful. You go girl!!!


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