June 19, 2012

Living Color - Golden Yellows

I've mentioned before that I'm taking an e-course
from Holly Becker of Decor8.

This week we have another homework assignment,
in which we need to write 2 posts.

One of the options is to blog an entry for a column or series...
so I've decided to create a new series!
I'm calling it

And my first edition is all about

{Photo by design-seeds.com}

I'll add in some other colors I think look beautiful with these colors!

 My intent for this series 
is to have the reader enjoy some colorful images
with just a bit of narration.

{Unless I list a source,
the featured photos are taken by yours truly.}

Let's get started...

I picked up some fresh sweet corn today.

As I prepared it, 
I really enjoyed seeing the green husks
against the variegated yellows of the corn kernels!

And how about the great contrast with these cherry tomatoes?

In my yard, I've got these beautiful Asian lilies,
blooming right along with the wild tiger lilies...

In my sewing space, 
I love the color play of this little Cathedral Window pincushion.

{It's available for purchase at eamylove on Etsy!}

I've got some great golden yellow fabrics in my stash,
and I'm getting ready to sew something special with this 
Premier home dec chevron print...

{Image from fabric.com}

Do you know the Bow Tucks purse pattern, by Quilts Illustrated?
Here's one version I made, with a few modifications,
in Aviary 2 prints by Joel Dewberry.

I really love the yellows against the granite and charcoal tones,
and I've used these prints for lots of bags.
Here are three little wristlets,
made with Sweet Pea Totes pattern "Zip and Go Wristlet."

{Love ya, Black and Gold!}

Finally I'll leave you with a sneak peek at an upcoming post,
featuring something that's Admiral Blue,
set off by the yellow coreopsis blooms.


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  1. What beautiful photography and projects!

  2. I love the Aviary fabric! Your photos are beautiful. ...and your first color choice -- Yellow -- also a favorite for me right now. Thanks for sharing the progress of your class.

  3. A Yellow -connected memory.....Remember when we got those Sunflowers at the roadside stand in NJ? :)

  4. Yellow is one of my favourite colours for looking at. I love how nature puts it with greens, blues, reds and purples. Love your pictures and what a great start to a new series.

  5. Well look at you! I LOVE your color display. I will never look at corn & tomatoes the same way. :) I am so impressed with your blog. I just may have to check this e-course out myself. You are very inspiring, Amy!!

  6. Yummy! Look at that gorgeous corn! We've been harvesting a ton of sweet corn out of the garden lately. It looks alot like that. We've frozen a ton. It's one of my favorite things about Summer -- corn on the cob!


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