June 30, 2012

Bow-Accented Clutch Wristlets Are Here!

I think my favorite thing about reading blogs is
finding a great tutorial.

{It's kind of like a giveaway, where everyone wins the prize!}

Recently I stumbled upon this most fabulous tutorial,
by Whitney of elm street life,
for a Bow Clutch.

I asked Whitney for permission to sell some of the bags I'm making from her tutorial, in my shop on Etsy, eamylove.
She said, "Yes."

{Thank you, Whitney!}

I thought you might like to see what I came up with...so far.
I started with this sweet little cherry polka dot number.

For the interior, I wanted a high contrast, high interest print.
How about black and white, with red all over?

{This makes me think of Minnie Mouse every time I see it.
And then I really want to go to Disney World.}

How fun is that?

For my next bag, I wanted to continue with the picnic feel,
but make it even more charming and dainty.

I can always count on my Darla prints by Tanya Whelan...

Inside, I'm loving the yellow gingham!

I have a collection of colorful zippers for my purse-making pleasure.

{They add some..."zip"...to every purse.}

For the yellow bag, though, I really love the crisp fresh white zipper!

Moving on to my latest bow-clutch purse,
I craved a bit of classic sophistication, so I chose a
black-and-white houndstooth print in a light home dec cotton.

What should I put in the interior this time???

{Obviously it's time to call in some Sis Boom here...}

I love this hot pink print by Jennifer Paganelli,
from her Flower Power line.

Weddings, picnics, a trip to the city,
vacation, or a night out...

these little clutches will go anywhere
and look great with any outfit!

Perfect for summer,
all of these bags have been listed in my shop on Etsy,

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  1. Very nice! I have this tutorial pinned on my Pinterest board as well, but just have not gotten to making any yet. I love seeing your fabric choices ... the combinations are great.

  2. Oh my goodness, these are cute! I love your fabric pairings and how nice of Whitney to be so gracious with her pattern.

  3. These are fab! Loving the yellow gingham lining too.

  4. Oh, nice clutches!
    I like the yellow one, smells like summertime!
    Wish you a nice week

  5. These are so cute and as usual, perfectly constructed!


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