August 24, 2012

Living Color - Earthy Neutrals

Did you miss me?
I told you I needed a vacation...
and I had so much fun!

{If you are interested in seeing more of my vacation photos, 
feel free to visit my Flickr page.}

Spirit of Peoria riverboat cruise
We had fantastic food, lots of laughs, and great family time!
{I came home with laryngitis!}

We stayed with my cousin's family,
and her home has been so inspiring for my husband and me.
Throughout her comfy home, she used earthy neutral colors...
olive-gold-gray-taupe tones on the walls and furniture,
with accents of black.

{I don't want to intrude on their privacy by posting actual photos from their home, 
but these are some Pinterest finds that will reflect the colors in their house.}

These earthy neutrals look great, all together...

An occasional pop of black looks fantastic with them.

My cousin's kitchen is similar to this one, but with black cabinetry
and a dash of red.

She has a darling collection of polka dot dessert plates and mugs
in bright colors with polka dots, that really set off the neutrals.

{Sadly, one mug is no longer with us.}

She has this mixer...KitchenAid stand mixers are 
still modern after all these years.

It looks great with her stainless steel backsplash, island counter
and appliances!

Her powder room echoes this one...

These colors would work in any room...

Even in nature, they play a starring role.

I love the tones all together in these paper goods!

And just because I love fabric...wouldn't this make some great pillows?

You and I have Karen to thank for today's color inspiration!

{Love you, cousin!}

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  1. So glad you had a nice vacation! That color scheme is so restful and pretty, and I would LOVE to have a magic genie come in and transform my house with a blink of her eyes and a scrunch of her nose. :)

  2. I was wondering where you were! LOL Sounds like you had a much needed time away filled with lots of inspiration. The pictures are beautiful. Love the decorating style. Absolutely beautiful!


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