August 12, 2012

Lemon Twist Tea Time

I wasn't going to post today...
but I couldn't resist.

{My son was showing me how to use my father-in-law's awesome camera.}

Mostly I'm going to show you some photos...

{Maybe too many photos, but I couldn't choose which ones to leave out!}

Refer to my previous posts about Kitchen Towels
and Mug Rugs, if you like these!

{Let's more talking...}

Have a sunshine-y day!
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  1. LOVE the lemony colors!!! Are these the gifts we talked about? Soooo pretty!!

  2. I LOVE the citrus colors! So bright and it yells summer:-) The kitchen towel and mug rug are both gorgeous. I really want some (iced) tea now.

  3. I'm glad you did post today! Just the inspiration I needed to get me sewing! Your pictures are great!!

  4. You were right...amazing photos. Its not the camera, you are just talented.

  5. The pics are great! And I must say, I LOVE the quilting you did on your mug rug! What a great use of texture. You've inspired me to play with machine quilting a bit more :D

  6. Beautiful pictures. So cheery! Have a great day ; )

  7. I appreciate your camera "happiness" but I am distracted by that great citrusy fabric, what is it? I know I've seen it and liked it but am at a total blank! THey look great!


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