August 9, 2012

A Little Kitchen Spice

I'm in the mood for sewing projects
to spice up the kitchen!

As a big Flickr fan,
I know there have been swaps for that,
but I haven't ever participated in an Official Swap before.

{My mug rug swap with Amanda of The Patchsmith was the closest thing I've done yet, and that was such fun that I'm sure I'll sign up for an Official Swap someday.}

Flickr has dozens of sweet and spicy projects for inspiration!

From Flickr
Do you see that adorable tea towel in the upper left corner of the mosaic???

Well, I did a little bit of research online,
and I found the tutorial at Pin.Sew.Press

{Isn't that the cutest idea?!?!?!}

I found some soft, cushy tea towels at my local craft store,
just like those waffle weaves in the mosaic above.

{I got three of them to start with...barn red, white and turquoise
...and I just went back for more today.  There was only one of the green ones left!}

I found some pretty prints and got started.
Here's the first one I made, 
using a barn red towel.

I love the cherries and vines in the black and red colorway,
 both from Recipe for Friendship
by Mary Engelbreit for Moda.

{I like to name my projects...I call this towel Black Cherry.}

For the turquoise towel,
I used some polka dots paired up with a print
from Bonnie and Camille's line for Moday called Bliss.

{I shall name this one Dotted Bliss.}

I love the ribbon ties, but I started to think...
and I started to worry...
will those pretty ribbons make it through
dozens of wash and dry cycles?

For the next towel I finished off the sides with covered buttons,
instead of ties at the sides.

{I still needed to use ribbon inside the casing, 
to gather the towel for shaping.}

I was going to name this one Cherry Vanilla,
but instead I've decided to call it Mine.

{Yeah...I'm keeping this one in my own kitchen.}

Do you know of any fun kitchen tutorials?

{Please share in a comment, if you do!}

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  1. I heart all your kitchen towels!!! Thanks for the tutorial link.... gotta find some towels to try some of my own now!!
    Just so darned cute!!

    Keep the boys away from the towel!! haha

  2. These are lovely Amy - but I don't think 'Mine' is the right name for the cute little white one - I am sure it wants to be called 'The Patchsmith's' :-) Actually, like Legato1958 I think I am gonna have to make my own so maybe'Mine' is right after all. Thanks for the link and the ideas.

  3. These are so lovely. Really useful too. I am also impressed at how super clean your oven is!!!!!

  4. Too cute! I could really use some of these towels.

  5. ok, I can't figure it out, show me the back... Love how they are just jazzed up store bought, right?


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