July 10, 2012

My new dress

Recently I was contacted by a company called
to ask if I would like to review
a sample from their website on my blog.

{I used to sew some of my own garments, but have been more interested in making 
quilts, accessories and home dec projects in the past few years.}

I had never heard of Eshakti before,
but after visiting the website,
I accepted their kind offer to do a review.

{Yes, please!}

Soon I was happily shopping away, looking at the dresses...

and the tops...

and the accessories.

My husband was chatting with me as I looked at the various dress styles.
He made some suggestions and commented,
"This is really a good-looking website, and the prices look great!"

{Seriously...he said that!}

Here's the way Eshakti works:
You can choose an item that you like
and order it in your size, using the size chart.

{There is lots of information to show you what measurements
go with each size.}

If you prefer, you can send Eshakti your OWN measurements,
and they will create a garment that it custom-fit for you!
The charge for the custom fit and styling is only $7.50!

{This was the choice for me, because...
let's just say my numbers were not 36-24-36.}

My measurements were submitted and will stay on file
for future orders.

{If needed, I can update the numbers.}

When I made my selection for the dress style,
I also got to choose a color and even a sleeve style!
A few different lengths were also available.

{The designer in me loved making these decisions!}

I ordered, and very soon after, all the way from India,
I received my package.
The dress I chose was 100% cotton.

{It was compacted for shipping, but a little steam from my iron revived it in a snap!}

So...here's my new dress, courtesy of Eshakti!

The neckline is so flattering, 
even to a woman of a certain age,
like me.

{Pretty ruffles, huh?}

And it fits.  Perfectly.  Comfortably.

{I love the Admiral Blue color.}

I think it's time to go somewhere, so I can show it off!

{Thank you, Eshakti!}

Take a look...I bet you'll find something there, just for you!

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  1. Wow! You look gorgeous in that dress! I love the color! I checked out their website. I love that theyl do custom sewing.

  2. Oh look at you! It's the perfect dress! I have to tell you, Amy, your blog is so inspiring! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  3. What a great dress...the color, and the fit are perfect for you. I'll have to go check that site out.

  4. That looks great! Impressive, when I've used pattern the measurements haven't quite measure up for me, I am glad theirs do. I am partial to the red one!


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