July 14, 2012

Living Color - Red and Blue

One of the best things about summer is having
fresh fruits available.
I took a cue from my favorite combination,

watermelon and blueberries...

to create this edition of Living Color,
for your enjoyment!

I love watermelon 
all by itself...

{I like to sprinkle a little bit of salt on it sometimes!}

{Via Pinterest from Tasha Horsley}
And I love blueberries all by themselves, too!

{Or on cereal, like this...}

{Via Pinterest from Design Seeds}
But something fabulous happens 
when you mix watermelon and blueberries together!

{From Pinterest via Food, Glorious Food!}
You can't beat a quilt made up in red, white and blue...

Red and blue say, "Home, Sweet Home" to me...

{Via Pinterest from cafeMom}
I've got to make some cupcakes soon with these!

{Via Royal Mail from Amanda}
Here's an eye-catching combination for anything summery!

{Via Pinterest}
This punch would cool off any heat wave...

{Via Pinterest from Big Bears Wife}

Check out these homemade rocket popsicles...

{Via Pinterest from Classy Miss Molassy}

This mouth-watering table setting
would make any summer picnic a success...

{Via Pinterest from bhg.com}
I'm just guessing...
don't you think Betsy Ross loved watermelon and blueberries?

{Via Flickr}

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  1. We are definitely on the same wave length! I am working on something red, white and blue too! My favorite is the stars: Star shaped watermelon chunks and the Scrap Jar Stars, love that!!

  2. LOVE this post, Amy! The colors...the ideas...absolutely love it!


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