July 27, 2012

A Peacock Wedding

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful bride,
with four lovely bridesmaids to attend her.

The bridesmaids gowns were a brilliant shade of teal called Mediterranean...
we call it Peacock in my real-life workplace.

{But that's another tale...don't get me started.}

{Source:  Pinterest}

Each gown came with a fabric stole, 
made from the same teal fabric as the dresses.
The bridesmaids felt certain that they would NOT want to 
wear stoles for the August wedding.

{Can you blame them?}

{Source:  Pinterest}

Someone suggested making little purses from the stoles,
and I was asked to make them!


I knew right away that this Sweet Pea Totes pattern,
would be a perfect choice!

I made up all four of the wristlets from the silky taffeta peacock fabric,
which has a fantastic, rich sheen and wonderful texture.

{I lined the fabric with Pellon ShapeFlex 101SF,
and it made perfect pleats.}

For the interiors, I chose four different prints to match.
I used one print for the pocket and the other for the lining.

{I switched up the prints, so that all four coordinated,
but each was unique. These are from Paula Prass and Jennifer Paganelli.}

For the interiors and the pocket, I used Pellon 987F fusible fleece interfacing.
The wristlets are soft, but hold their shape, even when empty.

{Man, I love that stuff...I buy it by the bolt!}

This pattern is fabulous!!!
I've used it many times and it's fun every step of the way.

{Here are some of my favorites...}

I bought a bunch of colorful zippers,
because they add some "zip" to these great bags! 

{I got mine from Zipit on Etsy.}

I do follow the fabulous well-written pattern exactly,
except with two modifications I like to make.

I prefer some extra shaping to the bottom of the bags,
so I make darts in the corners.

Secondly, I LOVE putting a skinny shoulder strap
on my bags, instead of using them
as a wristlet.
They can be carried on the shoulder, or even cross-body.

{When I go to an amusement park, I can tuck mine inside my shirt
for the roller coaster rides!}

I generally make a matching key fob, too...
so I made up a few for the bridal party.

{You just can't have too many of these key fobs!}

{I have a few of these purses for sale in my shop on Etsy,
or you can always contact me if you want me to sew something just for you!}

I had some more of the peacock fabric left...
and I used it to make up a drawstring bag
from this tutorial by Jeni of In Color Order.

I love the lively accent fabrics, once again by Jennifer Paganelli...
It's for the bridal dance, so of course
it's got to rock!

And for the final chapter in this storybook wedding...
the bride needed a pretty purse, too, don't you think?

How lovely is this?

{Made from elmstreetlife's Bow Clutch Tutorial 
that I've already posted about here.}

The lining is from a Jennifer Paganelli's print called Matt's Tux.

{I do so love names that sound like they match the occasion!}

Wishing the bride and groom, their family and friends
a beautiful wedding day!

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  1. I can't get over how exquisite your sewing is along with your wonderful sense of design. Wow. :o)


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