July 5, 2012

Zakka Meets Martha's Vineyard

If you've visited my blog before at all,
you'll know how much fun I've been having

{There is still plenty of time to join the sew along!}

I've been conspicuously absent for
more weeks than I care to count, but
I'm back in the Zakka again, having more fun than ever!

{Here's a peek at what I just made!}

Last week's project was
Patchwork Pot Holders,
contributed by the skillful and creative

{This project was the tipping-point for me...when I saw it on the book cover,
I KNEW I had to get a copy of Zakka Style!}

As Kim noted in her blog post about the pot holders,
there were problems with the instructions in the book for 
binding the pot holders.
It's so much easier to do the bindings as seen in

I even made a couple of changes,
and it was actually a very pleasant experience,
even though I've never made circular binding before.

{My bindings are entirely machine-sewn.}

While making the two pot holders,
I learned quite a bit.
I prefer the double-fold binding for the pockets, 
as shown here.

{The 2 1/2" double-fold bound pockets on the top pot holder look better to me.}

I stitched on the outer binding, using a 3" double-fold bias.
I had perfect results when I first sewed 3/8" from the edge on the back side,
then turned it to the front for the final stitching.

{My binding pressed into place like magic!}

For all you fabriholics, I'll describe the fabrics I chose, and why...
for me, this was kind of time-consuming,
but so much FUN!!!

I had just ordered some fabrics from The Stitching Post

{They offer flat-rate $5 shipping, so of course, I shopped for some fun fabrics to ride along in the package!}

I just about squealed when my package was delivered...
very quickly, I might add... 
and I saw "in person" the fantastic
Susan Branch prints I'd chosen, from the Tea Party line.

{Look at how adorable even the selvages are!}

I just know there will be lots of
Zakka involved in using these charming motifs
and text prints, as well as the tiny coordinates.

{Who would have thought that zakka style would look so great on Martha's Vineyard?}

I stitched together a few little happy motifs I'd fussy cut,
making strips of the right size, so they would not be cut off
in the final 8 1/2" round pot holder.

{Amanda the Patchsmith was disappointed when some of her 
favorite strips didn't make the cut.  :( }

For the other fabrics, I used some cheery cherries
from Oh Cherry Oh by Moda...

{I think this line was from about 2009.}

and little bits of lime and red, keeping a picnic feel going.
I love Darla by Tanya Whelan...

These pinnies inspired my color scheme for the pot holders.

The lime gingham was so absolutely perfect
for the bias binding!

Love the backs, too, with the little pockets for gripping.

thinks these are too pretty to use.

{Uh-oh...I've listed them in my shop on Etsy, eamylove.
I hope someone doesn't feel the same way!}

Like this motif says,
"When you come right down to it, the secret
to having it all
is believing that you do."

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  1. I love all your cheerful red! But then we know how much I love red! Give me cherries, red and white polka dots and checks any day!!

  2. I love the red/white and the cherries very cheery and I absolutely love the fold over pot holder, gotta make some of those, you should see my burn marks!! Did you cut the "round" binding on the bias or was it prepurchased? I'll have an excuse to use what I bought years ago! from BYW Elaine!

  3. Love the fabrics selected to make your pot holder! So pretty and you've binded wonderfully!


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