July 19, 2012

Zakka Style Week #16 - PatchworkRibbon

Welcome to another chapter in the
Zakka Style Sew Along!

{If you are new to the sew along,
you can find out more at LRStitched.}

This week's project is contributed by
who designed the Ruby Star lines for Kokka.

{I have one precious piece of Ruby Star Rising, which I fussy-cut in this mug rug.}

I've spent a lot of time with the Zakka Style book,
in preparation for each of the many projects
I've created.

I've observed that there is a greater chance
of success and fun when I wait
for some of my sewing sisters,
to blaze the trail for me,
warning of the pitfalls that one could encounter.

{Personally, I think Amanda's ribbon turned out very pretty...
even if it requires its own vacuum cleaner.}

Admittedly there were some raggedy issues...
but I really wanted to make this patchwork ribbon!

Pretty soon, Lindsay reported a few innovative quilters who
found some alternate techniques to get around the 
raw edge problems.

used pieced strips cut on the bias, and then stitched 
the long edges together,
minimizing the loose thread problems.

{Looking great, Linda!}

OK...I told myself, "I've got this!"

I found some long strips of Aster Manor prints
in rich,warm red and brown tones.

I decided not to leave my edges unfinished...
first I pieced my 2 1/4" strips together,
on the bias, as I would piece binding.
I connected both ends, creating a tube.

Then I folded the tube in half, right sides together,
and stitched along one of the long edges.
I opened it up and pressed under the 
remaining raw edges, with right sides out.

I stitched near the edges, the whole way around my ribbon.

{I am not a fan of turning tubes right side out!}

It was pretty, alright... pretty boring!
I felt that it needed a little something,
but I didn't have any vintage scraps of lace or ribbon handy.

In Lindsay's latest update on the project, she referred
the faint of heart not only to Linda's example,
but also to Simone's finished ribbon.

{Go and see!  Simone details her process for making this sweet version!}

I was consumed with affection for the stamped words
on this beautiful bit of inspiration.

It reminded me of the Zakka Pincushion project from Week #3.
I really liked the way Debbie from A Quilter's Table
used a stamp to make a darling little spool of thread
on a linen scrap, for her pincushion, pictured below.

{I didn't have the stuff to stamp fabric with then, and I still don't have it now.}

Somehow or another, I wound up working out a fun little swap
with Debbie, and she actually sent me her little stamped ribbons!

{Here is Debbie's photo of the little linen ribbons.  Can you blame me for wanting them?}

And that's when I had my Aha! moment.
I would use those little stamped spools and houses to decorate
my finished patchwork ribbon!

I used some Heat N Bond to cut out little squares from the stamped tape,
and also a few motifs from my panel by Susan Branch,
shown here.

Here's what happened...

And also...

Pretty soon, I fell in love with my own version!

I used a couple of scraps from my Winter Dresden quilt, too!

{Hopefully I'll be sharing a new post about the finished quilt before long.}

It finally felt "finished" now!

Whoever gets this ribbon on her package this Christmas 
will have to sign a contract,
stating that she will not ever throw it away!

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  1. I love your version!! I'm sorry but on one would get that ribbon.hah.ah.aha..a..
    What a fun project this one was.

  2. How about NO one..hah.ah.a.aa.

  3. Your ribbon turned out great! LOVE your Melody Miller mug rug!

  4. I promise I won't throw it out....{smiles}
    The odds could be in my favor, 'cause I'm her FAVORITE sister {{ actually, only sister}}.
    Seriously, it is adorable and cute as can be!!
    I like your method of no raw edges- like our purse handles, right?

    Love it!!

    1. Oops, I guess it isn't that handle way. Would be too stiff that other way, right?

  5. Your ribbon turned out great. I think I must be the the only one who loves the raggy edges!! I left all my hanging threads and shaggy edges to keep the wonky messy shabby chick look :)

    1. I truly do admire the raggy strips, too...I think they're all very cool. If I had a serger I would have tried that.

  6. Lovely Amy! The stamped bits of linen really add a lot.

  7. This ribbon should never be thrown away - but surely giving it away would be really, really hard as it is so adorable. Everything about it just gels together into one beautiful package (excuse the pun!)
    I love your blog posting also and how you link to the many Zakka projects - past and present. Yet again you are being 'super inspirational' and producing quality work. Now pack it in - it is leaving the rest of us trailing in your threads (or lack thereof)!!!!

    1. Check out your ribbon again, and I bet you'll find yourself liking it better and better. Sooner or later the shedding will have to stop, and you'll be left with a strip of quilty goodness!

  8. I love the ideas you used! I just realized I do have stamps so I will have to incorporate that into my next ribbon, and I wouldn't have thought to cut out little sections of prints to incorporate like you did.

  9. I love this... I never would have thought to make ribbon with fabric. Will so have to try this for gift giving this year...




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