July 6, 2012

Zakka Water Bottle Holder

Welcome back to the Zakka Style Sew Along, hosted by

This week's project, the Water Bottle Holder, was contributed by

{You must go and visit her...her bags and other projects are wonderful!}

I'm not gonna lie...I was not really panning to make this project.
I figured at some point I would have to
take a break from the quick pace of
one project each week...

{Who knew I would be missing 5 projects before this one?}

But here in Southwestern Pennsylvania,
it's been a long hot summer already!
Temperatures have been
in the 90's and holding.

Motivated by the heat wave, I've already finished my
Zakka Water Bottle Holder!


Let's get started with the fabrics I used...

I wanted this water bottle for my own use,
so I picked some Strawberry Fields {top}
and Buttercup {bottom} prints,
both by Fig Tree Quilts for Moda.

{The European linen I have in Cream
looks just right with the prints!}

I got started stitching, after I read the Flickr group thread,
which warned of a few pitfalls with this project.

I decided to follow the book loosely,
but make the water bottle holder "my way"
using techniques I use when I make my purses.

One thing I did was make the printed outer piece into a divided pocket,
rather than stitch it down all the way across the linen.

I also used Pellon 987F fusible fleece
for the lining, the outer piece, and the pocket.

{I'ts not a big pocket, but I could put some $ in there!}

Also, for the appliqued rectangle,
I made mine kind of big, to show off the pretty contrasting
lining, since it doesn't show up much when in use.

{I used Heat N Bond, and stitched it with a cute zigzag, which made me happy!}

After sewing the "tube" it was time for stitching the "circle"
in place for the bottom of the holder.
This was rather new to me, since I don't make circular purses.
If I had it to do again, I would mark the seam line on the tube
and also on the circle, to match everything up perfectly.

{Here is where I'm going to show you my feet of clay.
It's not very round.  Hmmm...but it worked anyway.}

For the strap, I used both prints,
and I didn't use a turning technique.
Instead, I stitched the two long sides together,
then ironed 1/4" under on each of the other two long edges.

{I stitched near both edges and had this pretty strap when I was done.
I just inserted the strap ends between the outer piece and the lining,
before sewing along the top edge.}

You know, I don't really like water.
But recently I was introduced to these fantastic
flavored concentrates, and I am crazy about them!

{Have you tried them?  Do you have a favorite?
Mine would be the Blueberry Lemonade.}

I think this little holder will be going lots of places with me this summer!

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  1. This is so adorable and I love your fabrics!! I am so far behind I will be to the end of the year catching up.hah.ah.a.a.a.
    You did a great job!

  2. Wow the pocket is a really clever idea! If I make another I sure hope I remember to copy you!

  3. Great job Amy on the bottle holder! I use those flavor bottles too - it has made a big difference in getting me to drink more water.

  4. Love how you added a pocket. Good thing to remember!

  5. I also like the pocket! Great idea!

  6. This is the cadillac of bottle holders! I always sprinkle a little Crystal Lite in my water.....even though it's probably not that healthy!


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