July 26, 2012

Zakka Style Week #17 - Delightful Linen Bag

I'm so happy to present this edition
of the Zakka Style Sew Along...
the Delightful Linen Bag!

{Aptly named, in my humble opinion!}

{LRStitch has been our lovely hostess...come along and join now!}
This pretty little project was contributed by Mette Robl

{Her blog is filled with beauty and inspiration.  Just what you're looking for in a blog, right?}

This was a quick-to-make project,
and I actually spent more time planning it then sewing it.

I had a finished piece of cross-stitch that I made a long time ago.
It had a decidedly "country" feel to it.

{We live in a neighborhood called Apple Hill.}

My sister Susie gave me some gorgeous creamy fabrics from
Lakehouse Dry Goods - Penelope, like this one.

{I promised myself NOT to hoard them!}

{Still available at Shabby Fabrics!}

Paris Flea Market by 3 Sisters for Moda
was the first fabric line I ever fell 
head over heels for, and I bought yardage from the entire collection,
which is now out of print.
I decided to stop the hoarding and use a bit of those, too.

{It's so old, I couldn't even find an image to show you!}

Normally I am really fussy about matching a "mood" throughout my project.
Could I mix Country with Shabby Chic successfully?

I looked again at the photo from Mette's version of the little bag,
which combines a traditional rose cross-stitch with vintage lace,
appliqued ribbon, a funky lavender cotton print, and a
bright green tiny floral binding.
A funky wooden button with a leather closure
finishes it all off.

And it works!

I knew right away that I wanted to risk it all,
and mix shades, moods, textures...
Here's my own version.

The back is plain, to show off my beautiful button fabric.

{Thanks, Susie, for that and for the key charm!}

I have just one minor complaint about this project:
the binding was nearly impossible to work with,
and I actually cut mine at 1 1/4" 
instead of the 1" that was recommended.

{It was soooooo narrow for a double-folded binding!}

The last line of this chapter mentioned using the bag for postcards.
I just happen to have a little collection of vintage postcards!
Want to see some of them?

Some are Christmas...

Some are Easter and Valentine's Day.

I even have one that was an advertising trade card for thread!
My uncle had it in his store for years, until I admired it, and he gave it to me!

{He's sweet that way!}

Look at the little girl on her swing made with thread!

And before I go, I'd like to share my very favorite Christmas postcard,
which was mailed in 1923 to my grandparents,
from my grandma's grandmother!

{The handwriting reaches out to me...and the love goes on and on...}

Thank you, Mette, for this project!

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  1. What a wonderful collection of cards and a lovely bag. The cross stitch is so cute. Who designed it? You have mixed vintage and country so well - perfect for keeping treasures safe.

  2. Love it!! Perfect using the Paris Flea Market to tie them
    all together :) The cross stitch was waiting all these years to be put in the right project! ;)

  3. Very cute! Your embroidery is a perfect fit for this project.

  4. It turned our great and how nice that you were able to incorporate your cross-stitch!

  5. I love that you used your precious cross-stitch on this bag. It is darling!!! And I love your postcards! I have quite a collection - very few vintage, but some. Most are just from over the years of hubby's & my life together. When we go on vacation, we mail them to ourselves at home to add to our collection!!!

  6. These are so pretty... I would love to learn how to do this.

  7. Your bag is so beautiful and so full of love - I hope you win!

  8. Oh your bag is beyond delightful, what a treasure.

  9. Really cute idea. I think it would be especially neat to give to kids (in jazzy prints) for cards from grandparents!! love the button fabric..


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