April 7, 2013

A Blurb About My Book

Ever since I was a little girl,
I've wanted to write a book.
So, with the help of a little place called Blurb...
I did it!

{It's only 20 pages, and mostly, it's photos, but I think that counts anyway.}

It isn't difficult, and there's no possibility of rejection!
It's not even expensive,
especially with sales and discount codes.

{Now through April 30, 2013,
get 15% off with the discount code APRIL15.}

All I had to do was choose a subject...
I chose Pincushions!

Next I selected some pretty photos,
and followed the directions.

It was fun to select fonts and layouts.

Pretty soon I had my book ready for publishing.

It didn't take long for the mailman
to deliver my very own coffee table book
straight to our mailbox.

{I live in a remote controlled world...
I even had to put most of them away for this photo.  MEN!}

If you would like to buy a copy,
it's available for sale, even as a PDF version, 

I might have to write a sequel...
you'll see what I mean in my next post!

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  1. How fun is that! It must be sew exciting to see your work in a real book! I think this should be a top seller!

  2. Beautiful photos! Are there directions for making the pincushions?
    Linda F.

  3. congrats you will be famous lovely pictures

  4. This is soooo pretty!!
    Beautiful book and photographs!


  5. That's a great idea Amy. I made a family yearbook for 2011 with Blurb, a wonderful keepsake for family too. Shutterfly also make great books. Looking forward to hearing more of your plans.

  6. oh wow!! What a wonderful idea. Will have to check out 'blurb' to see what it is all about!! Good on you!

  7. So SO Cool!!!! I love it Amy. You are one busy bee!

  8. For my husbands birthday a few years I made him a book, its such a cute keepsake, I never thought of doing one for things I make, but this is a great idea.

  9. Oh look at you sister!! This is GREAT! Thanks so much for sharing. I will definitely be checking this out. What a wonderful idea.

  10. I love it. I have been wanting to do a Blurb book of blog posts each year. But I never get around to it. It seem too time consuming. This is a fun approach. And you know how I feel about your pincushions.


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