April 13, 2013

French, British and American

Q:  What do you get when you mix
a French-inspired fabric line
with a British mug rug pattern,
featuring the American flag?

A:  THIS fantabulous Stars and Stripes mug rug
designed by The Patchsmith,
made up in La Petite Ecole fabrics.

for some pincushions using La Petite Ecole.
I'm not leaving any time soon!

I love the way the fabrics lend themselves to Americana.
They were perfect for the stars...

and the stripes!

I had lots of scraps and just stitched them into a
crazy patchwork piece for the backing.

Pretty sweet, huh?
This is just one of over 40 patterns
Amanda has created...so far!

I've always got the Craftsy link on my sidebar,
if you would like to check out
all of the great patterns, projects and classes they offer.

After I made the mug rug,
I decided to make a couple more
The one with an "e" on it will be mine forever!

{I know - Amy starts with an A...but it's e for eamylove.}

They look so cute on that mug rug.

I had to have one to keep, with the striped background!
It was a design choice I wasn't sure I would like,
but I was thrilled with how it came out.

I used the stripes for both of them, but in different colorways.

I think that "spare" pincushion is going to be listed

{SOLD - maybe I should make more?}

These are the prints I used on the backs of the pincushions.

I love using those ABC's for covered buttons
and I'm thinking of making some extras for sale.
Wouldn't they be fun?

I'm in the mood for more custom orders,
if anyone needs a nice Mother's Day present!

{I've got a few more fabric lines in my stash, if you have something different in mind.}

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  1. Hello Amy! I especially love the covered buttons on the cathedral window pincushions! Your creations are beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing ;)

  2. You're amazing - your fabric style is awesome - I am not surprised you decided to keep one for yourself but I don't know how you chose which as they are both so lovely. Love the mug rug - the fabrics give it a bohemian shabby chic look. Very nice.

  3. These are great, as always!! As you predicted, I LOVE these, too...!

  4. Oh you ate singing my song with these fabrics!!!!!! I adore this mug rug!

  5. I have enough French General for the both of us! And now you have inspired me to make a quick project with it. Thank you for the eye candy!

  6. The pincushions are so stylish and beautiful in the fabrics you picked!
    And...The colors ,with your quilting, for the Stars and Stripes mug rug are really fresh. Love them!!


  7. Again, you have a great sense of combining the pattern with the fabrics, resulting a beautiful work.

  8. Absolutely FABULOUS!! Love the mug rug and the pincushions they are gorgeous. Amanda's patterns are super too!

  9. As I said on Flickr, I love Americana! I love your mug rug. And we already discussed the pincushions. I could look at these forever.


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