April 15, 2013

A New Journal Cover...Eventually

Everyone probably already knows this,
but I'm going to say it anyway...

If you're gonna sew when you're tired,
you will need one of these:

No, not the adorable paper-pieced block made by Susie...
I mean you'll need the actual seam ripper!

I had to use mine late last night,
as I tried to finish my latest April project from

My dwindling pile of La Petite Ecole has been
calling me to make another journal cover
using this tutorial by Bloom.

Just one of THREE beautiful journal cover tutorials at Bloom blog!
I tried to modify the cutting measurements
to fit my own journal.

Somehow I ended up having to make 
very very very very skinny seam allowances,
for the final stitching.

And then...even after careful wielding
of Jack, the Seam Ripper,
and repeated re-stitching and re-rippping,
I still have an "issue" with the lower front edge.
I applied some Fray Check to the problem zone
and am keeping my fingers crossed.

And then...
my notebook just wouldn't fit!
But I HAD to have THIS cover for THAT notebook,
before I would go to sleep.

It's got a pretty strip of my favorite
La Petite Ecole prints,
and a little rooster applique...

and there's even an A on it for Amy.

Finally I won that argument,
and the notebook is in there to stay.

How, you may ask,
did I manage to squeeeeeeze 
the journal inside the cover?


{I'll never tell, but I think I'm gonna have to get a new rotary cutter blade now.}

Oh, boy, am I glad I have my Sewing Journal,
so I could make notes on what didn't work,
and what to try next time!

The Good Journal
So now you know for certain
that I'm not a Perfect Sewist.
My notebook pages stick out a bit
from underneath the cover,
but I still love this little Teenager of a journal.

The Naughty Journal
Post your journal covers on the Across the Pond Sew Along Flickr page.
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  1. Your "naughty" journal still looks gorgeous... must be the lovely fabrics!!

  2. Mistakes are good, miscalculations stretch us (and your journal cover!!) - they make us try new things and find new uses for rotary blades. I hope it holds - it looks so good.

  3. I have yet to name my seam ripper, but it's a worthy idea! Very cute journal cover even if it was a bit cranky for you. I love the idea of a sewing journal. I can see how handy that would be!

  4. It's a beautiful cover. I cannot sew when I'm tired either! I love the name Jack the Seam Ripper, though.

    Maybe you can take your notebook to Kinko's or something. They have those big electric paper cutters. They may be able to shave off enough that it fits and doesn't hang out. :-) Just a thought if it really bugs you.

  5. Yay! I love to see that other people have off sewing days too!! And late at night, with visits from Jack, the seam ripper (AAAACCCKKKK!) Really enjoyed that post Amy. And sometimes the "not so perfect" project will work for just us. LOL

  6. oh I haven't seen this one on flickr. Great fabric selection. I'm yet to try this pattern, it's so pretty.

  7. When we make something that isn't "perfect" then we get to keep it for ourselves..... I think this was an unconscious error that you made ...so you can keep the journal for yourself! haha

    It is really pretty in these fabrics!


  8. Love your journal folder - I made a Bloom pattern at the weekend and just loved it - I've got some left over scraps from that project and they would be just PERFECT for a journal cover, so guess what I'll be making this weekend - thanks for the inspiration!!!

  9. Susie's block is so cute! Your journal cover is lovely as well! Hmmmm I'm thinking you began cutting your journal with your rotary cutter!? Brilliance is often a little crazy!


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