April 9, 2013

La Petite Ecole Pincushions

Every once in a while,
takes me on an adventure in sewing!

I love being asked to make custom orders,
because it lets me try out new combinations
of fabrics and colors.

Along the way, as I create the custom items,
I get to know some very sweet people!
There are too many to mention,
but one of them is Mama Pea of Peas in a Pod,
who invited me to make some zakka sewing kits for her.

{I just love it when my clients have beautiful blogs of their own!}

Most recently, I had a request to make a few pincushions
using fabrics from La Petite Ecole by French General
for Moda.

Believe it or not...
I didn't happen to own any fabrics from that line!
Pretty soon, though, I had ordered one of the last remaining
charm packs...I'm guessing...and my customer
quickly sent out some scraps for the larger pieces I would need.

We worked together to design these new lovelies...
from my new "favorite" fabrics!

The Cathedral Window pincushions
were all made using the fabulous tutorial

The deliciously squeezy larger pinnie
was made from a pattern I got on Etsy

I'll let you in on a secret...
I was having a little anxiety about whether my client
would like this one, because the background stripe
is a bit more bold for a design option.

{Personally, it was my favorite one, so I put an "A" button on that one.}

Guess what?
She loved all them...
so I'll have to make myself another one,
with a striped background and an "A" for Amy.

{Or maybe an "e" for eamylove?}

For the pinnie
it was too hard to decided which side was the top,
and which would be the bottom.
That's why there's a "A" on one side...

and a "Z" on the other!

So now I have a sweet new sewing friend,
who is a kindergarten teacher
with an eye for pincushion design.

By the way...
I made a note in my sewing journal
so I can remember that the DMC floss #844
Ultra Dark Beaver Gray
is a perfect match for this line.

Because I'm already plotting and planning
my next project for the rest of those charm squares!

{Ooooh...wouldn't this line make a sweet sewing kit, too?}

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  1. I love these !!! I am a French general addict !!!! My stash is ridiculous !!!! Beautiful job !!!

  2. Every time I see those pincushions, I tell myself that I really need to make one for myself! And with my collection of French General, I could create an army of them. Yours are beautiful and I love the "a" buttons and the stripe!

  3. These are fabulous!! My daughter lives not too far away from the French General shop. I need to go there!!

  4. Oh those are beautiful! I love plump pincushions. :)

  5. These are so cushy and smooshy cute!! Love the fabrics!


  6. Oh, my gosh. I love that you did A to Z on the one. Awesome! I love these pincushions for so many reasons. The fabrics are just great. Your work (again) is impeccable. Wow.

    Thanks for the nice shout out. You are the best. :-)

  7. These pincushions are to die for!! Gorgeous!

  8. Love them, French General is one of my favourites. Linda x


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